A Piece of Me... in June 2010

07 June 2010

My personalized krissyfied notebook from PostScript Designs

This month...

I like that the rainy days have started to creep in! Don't get me wrong, I love summer and all its sunshines, but the rainy and cold weather we have been experiencing lately is a big reprieve from the sweltering heat that has bugged us (at least those of us living in my side of the globe) the whole of April and May and has even caused some of my lipsticks to  melt :(

I don't like that I have become more wary of thunderstorms and typhoons now after what my country experienced last year in the hands of Typhoon Ondoy (international name Ketsana).

I want you to know that I think I am ready to let love find me again. I updated my Facebook status last weekend with "basta ang gusto ko lang naman mabango at matalino eh :D" (all I really want is someone who smells good and is smart :D) and I was surprised that it attracted a plethora of comments. My friends want to see my heart happy :)

I've planned to start regaining control of my life again. I have been too complacent the past two months and whined and complained a lot. It is time to stand tall in my two high-heeled feet again and take charge. :)

I want to say to someone special all my friends who have demonstrated unwavering support on my dark days (and who did not talk smack about me like some people I know), thank you from the bottom of my pink, glittering heart. I am really blessed with awesome, true friends. :)

This is a game thought up by the Toothfairy so we can all share a bit of ourselves to our readers by completing a set of unfinished sentences every first Sunday of the month (I know I'm late by a day x_x Sorry, but my Internet connection yesterday was really crappy x_x). She is in a very long blogging hiatus but I still want to continue this monthly tradition she has started. If you read this by any chance Shirley, we miss you! I hope everything's okay with you.


  1. so happy with the rains too sis! :)
    go get back on track sis, so happy for the good vibes! :)

  2. Sometimes, I'm glad when it rains because of the heat. Other times, I hate it because no matter how hot it is, the rain does nothing for the heat to at least abate. :(

    So shall I call Cupid and tell him that you're back in the market? ;p

  3. Why must girls always set the bar so high??? Now a guy has to smell good AND be smart??? LOL, just teasing, you deserve the best!

    You weren't being complacent. We all need time to get our bearings after a big life change.

  4. Krissy, madali humanap ng mabango at matalino. Hahaha! Gusto mo hanap kita? I'm glad that you're taking control of your life... keep smiling! xoxo

  5. I love the rain too..especially if it's drizzling, so romantic..hehe..i am always glad to see you happy Tel! *wink*

  6. @ Anagon: Thank you sis! You've always been awesome and you continue to be so! :)

    @ Johanna Hill: Yeah, I hate rains like that =[ Oh yes, please do advise Cupid! :D

    @ Rick: Ahahaha thank you! You're always so sweet :)

    @ Leah: Yes please! :D Thank you Leah :)

  7. @ Mich: I love drizzles :) Thanks Michelle <3<3

  8. Good luck, Krissy. As long as there's people like you, I have hope for mankind. You're always so nice, sweet and thoughtful. I want a piece of you :))


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