HSBC Family Day 2010: Summer Dash 'n Splash

02 June 2010

It feels like I've been gone for so long! The last couple of posts were admittedly depressing and I am sorry for being such a downer. I am happy to say that my spirit has been uplifted this last weekend and things are certainly looking brighter for me. Be kind to me, June, please? :)

We had our Family Day last Saturday. It is the one day of the year where employees can invite their family and friends to the office and see what it's like to work for HSBC. Filled with games, activities, performances, prizes all capped with a concert by a local band, the day is guaranteed to be loads of awesome fun. The ones we had in 2008 and 2009 were so much fun so I had high expectations for this year's event.

The theme this year is Summer Dash 'n Splash. HSBC Commonwealth's grounds were divided into two sections: the wet and the dry part. Suffice it to say that you really needed to bring a change of clothes if you join the activities in the wet part :D

activity card with the raffle stub
I really am not lucky when it comes to raffles, such a shame as the prizes were all awesome!

my family, striking a pose with clowns and people on stilt sticks :D

my 4-year old cousin Jerico making his way out of the Web-Lock Alley

my Papa and sister Kyla in the game Crazy Arms
Kyla had to use her arms to feed Papa chocolate cake while they are both blindfolded :D

me jumping on the trampoline, fun! :D
I now wish I have a trampoline at home.

Executive Pachinko
all of them are HSBC's big bosses, and people just have to pay 20php for water balloons and 50php for colored water balloons and then drop them  at the pachinko, drenching the bosses :D
all the money goes to Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation

outfit post
I wore the white jumper shorts which was Ana's birthday gift to me :)

Mich and I were asked to participate in the game Sponge Relay
those sponges were wet and heavy, but yay we won! :D

Mich and her bestfriend Apreal :)

the night was sweetly capped with a concert by local band Spongecola 
they were amazing!

Vocalist Yael Yuzon almost made me fall in love with him :D
why do bands' vocalists look super ultra-hot while performing?

At 10:30PM, it's time to go home
Marsha with her nephews Ken and Andrei :)

This year's Family Day wasn't as grand as the two previous ones I attended, but I still had a jolly good time. It is nice to be in the office yet not think of work sometimes. :)

*All photos taken with my new camera. Yup, I finally got a new one to replace the one that was stolen! More about her in the next posts :)


  1. I love your trampoline jump... so demure and ladylike. xoxo

  2. i wanna trampoline too! :p yay you're back on the sunny side :) *jump sam, jump!*

  3. @ Leah: Haha I didn't want to look ugly in my photo :D

    @ Ejannz: I wanna buy one, if only I know where to put it XD Yes, I'm feeling much better now, thanks to all of you :)

  4. Looks like a fun day sis!! :D And i have to agree with falling in love with the vocalist when performing..and yael is super galing onstage <3 hehehe! :D

  5. HSBC really goes all out for family day! That's terrific.

    I've never been on a tampoline, now I want to try it--but at someone else's house. If I had one I'd always worry about neighborhood kids getting hurt on it.

  6. @ Ana: It was really fun! Hay nako ka-in love si Yael, but nooo, Chito Miranda is still my number one :D

    @ Rick: Will you let me try your trampoline if you do decide to get one? I swear I will behave :D


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