It's Ladies' (plus one guy's) Night!

02 June 2010

I am not ashamed to say I love Sex and the City. I love the witty dialogues, the men, the friendship and love dilemmas, the sex fiascoes, and of course, the fashion! So when Dewi invited me to Velvet's advanced screening and after party that was held last Monday night, I couldn't have been more excited! Yes, Dewi is the same girl who invited me to the premiere night of The Lovely Bones. Aren't friends the awesomest? :)

She told  me I can bring one other person as she has four tickets (the other person will be Eden - our classmate and her best friend from college). The first person I thought of was my best girl friend Recks. Good thing she was free!

The invite says we have to come garbed in our New York City-chic outfits. I really did not want to buy any new clothes so I decided to choose among the black bandage dress I wore for our Holiday Party this year, a black corset top and sexy jeans, or the white and pink dress I wore for Project Barbie. In the end I chose the bandage dress, but instead of wearing the black pumps and fishnets I wore sexy strappy heels instead.

Monday came. Recks was a bit panicky earlier in the day as her driver suddenly decided to not go to work. Left with no other options (and as Eden backed out as well) Recks asked her boyfriend Ryan to drive and go with us instead. I went straight to her house after work to primp and prettify, just like what we did for Victorian Valentine last year.

I did my own hair and makeup :)

We met Dewi at Rockwell where the movie was screened. Yes, I walked through the mall dressed up in my party clothes but I didn't care :D

Dinner at Kenny's

my ticket :)

The movie will be shown in the Philippine soils today and I am not going to spoil it for everyone who hasn't seen it yet. Suffice it to say, even though the movie was slated by some critics, if you're a true-blue Sex and the City fan, you will love it. I loved it! Some scenes might have been OTT, but that's the reason why we love them films, right? For some form of fun and escapism, and who better to deliver it than Carrie's clothes, Samantha's quips, Miranda's toughness, Charlotte's idealisms and Patricia Field's styling?

Also I've always thought I am a Carrie and this movie somehow drives that to the point. Why can't my Mr. Big see that I am the best there ever could be for him? Pretend you did not read this.


Dewi, Recks, Krissy


After the movie we headed to Amber UltraLounge at The Fort where the party was held.

we got lost XD

We finally found the club after about 15 minutes of going around The Fort. It was actually my first time to go to a posh club like that as I do not like clubbing that much, but I actually had a great time!

Photo 1: pretty crystal baubles hanging from the ceiling
Photo 2: we ordered french fries. Recks and Dewi had Cosmopolitans, Ryan had a bottle of San Mig Light, and I had a glass of Grape Crush. Dewi and I shared  a Strawberry Mojito. The Coke Zero in can was handed in at the entrance, together with Celeteque products in a bag :)

I swear, that Strawberry Mojito was so yummy! I am so going to learn how to make that :D
From what I can remember from the menu, it contains real strawberries and mint leaves, while the Grape Crusher contains crushed grapes, cranberry juice and mint leaves.


I borrowed the L'Oreal mascara I used here from Recks' sister Michelle.
I wish I don't have to wear glasses so I can rock my thick lashes everyday.

This could very well be a cover of a Gossip Girl book
You're welcome, Cesily von Ziegesar

outfits: three ladies plus one

We went home a little after 1am. I am not a big fan of night-outs, but I really, really enjoyed this night! Best part of the night for me? Aside from the movie and catching up with friends and those sinfully addictive Strawberry Mojitos, it was when upon entering the club, the bouncer asked me for an ID. Apparently I look a bit too young to enter and par-tay. Winner moment! Thank you, Mr. Bouncer, for boosting my self-esteem.  :D


  1. wow.. you have watched it na and even on the premiere?? great!!! love the dress very sex and the city!!

  2. that's so cool! I know Dewi from way back ol' skoo days.. :) glad u liked the movie!

  3. you look smashing krissy! I still haven't seen it yet, but I will (crossing fingers) over the weekend.

  4. Lucky, lucky, lucky Ryan!!! =)

  5. i loved the movie too, even though it wasn't as good as the first one, but still a feel good movie.

    and my husband was in it. (that sexy ass belongs to me!!!!!! i mean literally, ass.)

    <3 always,
    mrs noah mills

  6. gorgeous gorgeous as always... what a fun night out! hey, you have to make an exception for "night outs" when i'm there!!! we have to make the best of our time together! hehe! eeeee! i can't wait... next year na! :)

  7. @ Donnarence: Thank you! Go watch the movie rin! :D

    @ Lady Joan: Oh wow, small world! :D

    @ Mel: Thank you Mel, I want to watch it again :D

    @ Rick: He is! :)

    @ LiLu: Thank you :)

    @ Mrs Noah Mills: I agree, it wasn't as good as the first one. Okay, Noah Mills is yours, but Chris Noth is mine. I love them fine and mature LOL!

    @ Kym: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!! You mean you're going here next year na?? Gosh I'm so excited!! :D I may not like night outs, but I'll definitely make an exception for you m'lady! :D

  8. Ah gorgeous lady! And I would like a friend like yours that gets advanced tickets haha. That picture with your lovely lashes while you're drinking looks like such a glamour shot, you're stunning :) I don't think I'll see SATC2 anytime soon but I'm glad you had an awesome time! And if we ever go out on a night out, you'll DEFINITELY get ID'd if you're with me, I always get asked! haha. Love youuu!

  9. Wow, Krissy. You look so fab! The last photo looks like a Hollywood red carpet :P I'm not a fan of SITC, but I think it's good for switching your brain off and to relax.

  10. you look great in that dress!
    goes well with your hot strappy heels! :)
    Sounds like a fun night! :) the strawberry mojito sounds yummy :) I love strawberries :P Never tried it with the mint though ;)

    Thanks for your tip on how to wear high waisted skirts btw! :) really appreciate it! :)

  11. Grabeh, you gals went all out. Haha.

    Yay, cannot wait to watch the movie :)

  12. you look so parrrtaayyyy in the pix.
    i love the black rose ring =)

  13. You look gorgeous Krissy... love your dress. Great that you enjoyed SATC2. xoxo

  14. I haven't watched SATC2 yet; I'm kind of still waiting for the hype to die down a bit. It has become too much of a mainstream already. But anyway, looks like you had a blast. And yes, strawberry mojitos are awesome! One of my favorite cocktail drinks too! :)

  15. omg you look so pretty! I especially love how your hair was done :D haha, I'm a sucker for wavy hair, I guess...

    and that seems like a really fun night! That strawberry mojito! Gotta browse around for the recipe NOW! hahaha xD

    and I missed you! *hugs*

  16. The outfits are amazing! We did the same thing, got dressed up and went to see it on Friday. I didn't love it though...

    ps. what is OTT?? Maybe I'm stupid here but I don't know :(

  17. @ Nikolett: Working in advertising really does have its perks :D Oh that's fine, when you go here let's just visit toy stores LOL!

    @ Nino: Aww thank you :) SATC is such a fun show to watch, and they tackle lots of subjects, too. But yeah I have yet to find a man who likes it :)

    @ Kay: You're welcome! Go try to make a strawberry mojito, it's really delicious :D

    @ Meream: Did you see it na? :D

    @ Jing: Thank you :)

    @ Leah: Thank you :)

    @ Jess: Let's go drown in strawberry mojitos LOL!

    @ Tiara: Aww thank you, I missed you too! :)

    @ Carina: Dressing up with girl friends sure is fun though, right? :) OTT means over the top :)


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