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Project Barbie: Pink

The day I have been waiting for ever since my dear blogfriends Andhari, Nikolett, and Shirley posted about Project Barbie has arrived! 

This month, I am a Pink Barbie.

I already knew what I would wear the first time I read about it. I bought this really pretty white and pale pink dress from my soul sister Ana's online store way back in September but I haven't got the chance to wear it. I have also been wanting to have a photoshoot with my good friend and classmate-from-college Karlo since I was impressed with the photos he took of us in our Tagaytay trip. I have said this to my friends and I am going to repeat it here, "We are only young once so it's best to wear what we want to wear now and take lots of photos so that when we're already old, then we'll have pretty photos of ourselves to look back to." So yeah, this photoshoot is like hitting two birds in one stone :D

I had the photoshoot last January 23 at UP Diliman. I was actually supposed to go to Bicol that weekend but my Vacation Leave for Monday the 25th of January was not approved. I did not want to waste that one weekend away from work so I contacted Karlo and I am so glad he agreed. My good friend/ officemate Mich also went with us.

Enough talk, here are my favorites from the 100+ photos!

this is my favorite from the bunch

I am loving my gladiator sandals, I should really wear this more often

I'd like to make this into a bookmark :D

with Mich

I did my own make-up, hair and styling. Karlo hasn't sent me the post-processed photos yet; I did all the editing. Minimal editing only though, I just did the Vignette, Round Edges and krissyfied Watermark :)

I hope you did not get too tired looking at a barrage of my photos :D  I can't wait to see yours! I think this is a really good way to get bloggers involved (it is a really great way to meet other bloggers!), I hope that there will be more of this in the coming months! :)

Click here for the full details ;)


Unknown said…
KRISSSSY!!!!!! You blow me away you gorgeous lady! i love all the photos... i love project barbie although i didn't get to join! Basta... You look great! I love it! <3
Nikolett said…
Whaaaaa! You're SO gorgeous, girl! This project was pretty much made for you haha :) Can I borrow your photographer next time around? I had to rely on my ten-second timer, haha ;) Love the pics, love the look, love you!
ChinkyGirLMeL said…
Krissyyyyyyyyyyyy you look so dolled up. I love your hair and your make up. I thought you went to have it done at the salon. You're soooo pretttyyyyyyy. I love the pictures. You look like a model. Those pics look like they should be on the front cover of a koren novela. =) I love the dress too, it totally compliments your figure.
Andhari said…
You loook hoooooot. I'm stealing it for my post later on. I'll post pretty late since I'm waiting for so many pictures :D
Elizabeth Marie said…
WOMAN! You look amazing!!!! I loooooove it!! Gorgeous gorgeous!
Jem said…
you're so pretty,hun!
i can't even pick what's your best photo since everything looks so gorgeous!!!

i love the gladiator sandals too!

sooooooooo pretty!
TG said…
OMG, I'm krissyfied now. You're dazzling. You know, men just love skirts, so you couldn't go wrong with this one :-)
Soapaholic said…
You look gorgeous! I love your dress! If you did your makeup all by yourself, I think you should go pro.:D Love the entire look.
Manju said…
Krissssyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyybarbie!!! i LOVE your hair <33333333333
Ricademus said…
Wow Krissy! Remember us when you're a rich and famous model.
amynaree said…
love your outfit, so cute and girly!
Pretty! My fave is the one of you lying on the ground. :)
noone said…
aww you look adorable in these pics, and you have a great smile! I love it, make sure you post the processed pics too! :D
A N A G O N said…
Nice photos sis!! :D And the gladiators !! :D Galing din the way you styled yourself!! :) :) :)
krissy ♥ said…
Thank you everyone for your kind words! I certainly had fun doing the shoot and I wish there will be more! Come on Andhari, what will be next month's color? :D
oOchaOo said…
wow krissy! pretty pretty you! :)
ill def stay tuned for next month's !
Unknown said…
oh Krissy! you are so gorgeous. i love all your photos. your style is amazing. love it!

looking extremely pretty, girl!! your gladiator sandal is extremely gorgeous. :) your photographer friend is talented too. but i sppose it doesn't take much effort to take photos of a pretty girl :)
Nashe^ said…
Lets hear it for Bombshell Barbie!!
krissy ♥ said…
Thanks everyone, you all make me blush haha! Pink kisses! :)
♥ mia said…
i bet u had tons of fun! u look so pretty and girly :)

i didnt get to join this one anymore, sana next time hehe
*~kAy~* said…
Love your dress! <3
Such pretty picture!! <3 I agree! those gladiator sandals look so good on you! :)
My fav pic is the one of you lying down.. looks like a fantasy! <3
Miss Guimba said…
Hi, dear krissy! I love the first pic most of all, too! It's like you're ready to conquer the world! Please send my congratulations to your photographer friend! He did a great job! And you, my dear Krissy, really worked it! You looked really great!
krissy ♥ said…
Thank you thank you! :)

Yes, it was super fun! I wish I can do it again! :D
jenobebs said…
i just bumped into ur blog!
very nice photos.
and yeah, we should wear pretty dreses and shoes now take photos to capture them coz when were a bit older some clothes wont be appropraite for us to wear. just have to drill this into my head more often coz i always end up wearing the same dragging clothes i have for comfort. ^_^
krissy ♥ said…
@ jenobebs: Thank you for visiting, it's always great to meet new people! :) I, too am guilty of sometimes bein to lazy to doll up, but I try each day to inject something unique in my outfits :D
Mae Ilagan said…
Hello Krissy!! Ok ok got some ideas...let's think of a good concept for your shoot. I'd like it to be more natural to bring out ur personality. Probably all in Black n White to make it more dramatic. What do u think? Pagmitingan natin!
Mae Ilagan said…
i'm sure Frank can give lots of input as well. Kmeng 2 fotographers mo k?

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