Valentine Weekend

14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!

I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine and Chinese New Year weekend! How did it go? Yes, I am snoopy, I would love to know all about it! :D

Yesterday (13 February 2010) after work, Dane and I went to TriNoma. (Let it be known that this is not a date though,  it is just two friends going out for some good food. Right.) It was our first time to be in TriNoma together as he hates the mall for some reason. He said it is too crowded, the layout's terrible, and the parking lot is awful. 

Here is how the mall looks like from outside
via Google Image search

via Google Image search

Unlike him though, I like this mall. They have a wide range of shops and restaurants, and you can score really good deals in Landmark! But yeah, I agree with Dane. It is too crowded, the layout's terrible, and the parking lot is awful.

Anyway, after much prodding I finally convinced him to go there instead because one of my favorite restaurants ever is there - Bigoli.

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Bigoli is an Italian fastfood (but certainly  not as laidback a place as say McDonald's or KFC; the ambience is a bit more flair-y), much like Sbarro. It was my bestfriend Jerome who first brought me here. After that first time, I made it a point to convince other people to try it :D I'm so happy I got Dane to eat here - he loved it! 

We ate Italian Chicken with Italian Rice, Baked Ziti, Cheesy Pizza, and Turtle Cheesecake. I wasn't able to take photos of everything because I was too embarrassed to whip out my camera but I managed to stealthily take this snappie:

topped with choco chips and I-don't-know-what-kind-of-nuts

Everything was super yummy! I was too full I didn't want to get up haha!

After we ate we went ahead to do some chores (i.e look for a radio for his Mom) Told 'ya it's not a date :D

parked in the not-so-good parking lot :D

We drove to Monumento, got stuck in traffic jams (where he got a bit grumpy) and just joked around (so his mood got much better). While in his car, we listened to a local radio station (note: one of life's pleasant surprises is hearing one of my favorite songs being played on the radio as opposed to hearing it in my Music Player where it is saved.)  and got a kick out of hearing jingles for Enchanted Kingdom. Was fate mocking us? (If you didn't know, we were supposed to go to Enchanted Kingdom yesterday had I not been required to go to work. Ah work, you suck sometimes. Except during paydays. I love you during paydays :D)

We went to two other malls in Monumento but the search for a radio proved futile. He took me home and I got to my parents' house at around 8PM. :)

Today - Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year and my Dad's birthday  - is reserved for family. My Mom cooked one of her most delicious recipes - stuffed squid - and we brought them to my relatives's house in Malabon. There were also lots of yummy food there (I bought Red Ribbon's Halo-Halo cake) and I stuffed my face full :D

preparing to leave :D

strappy sandals, I love!

This is my family:

They are my most loved people in the whole world!
My brother Ken, my father Valentino, my mother Belinda, my sister Kyla, and me

How was your weekend? I hope you had a great one! (And if not, well, there are more weekends to go :D)

Have a fabulous week ahead!


  1. Aww, looks like some good times! And girl ... you can keep denying that it's a date all you want, I will believe you haha :) That mall looks beautiful with the garden, it's a shame about the layout/parking lot though! My weekend's been fun, full of celebrating my friend's birthday and now having dinner tonight with my boyfriend :) Happy Valentine's Day and happy birthday to your Dad!

  2. you still say you & dane are special friend.... hmmm. krissy o krissy! ahaha.

  3. happy valentines krissy and thank you for the bday greeting =)

    bf and i went to trinoma last jan 2. its my first time that time and it was crowded.

  4. yeahhhhh right...........sure Krissy.......sure.......

    Dane is so cute! Make it official, come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  5. Is it just me or there's a portion of Trinoma that does not have the Ayala-Mall feel?

  6. @ Nikolett: Thanks for believing me Nikolett! :D I'm glad you enjoyed Valentine weekend! :)

    @ Ejannz: Because that's the truth! Haha :D

    @ Jing: Weeeeeeh you're welcome! :) That mall is ALWAYS crowded! :D

    @ Manju: If only it's that easy! :D

    @ Russ: I agree! Maybe it's because of the fact it is located in QC? I dunno x_x


    Anyhoo, it's so a boy thing to not like a mall. I love it!

  8. @ Andhari: IF ever we make it official, I'll definitely let you girls know, promise! :D

  9. Dane got to be with you and have great food, so he should be happy!

    PS - Anything can be a date. When I was first married I went to school 4 nights a week and had to do homework all weekend. So our Friday nigth trip to the grocery store was our weekly date!!! LOL

  10. @ Rick: oh, okay, so I guess it WAS a date?? haha :D


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