A little rant

09 February 2010

The last two days have not been good for me. 

Yesterday I was really excited for 3PM to come already because it was my last day of work for the week and I will go home to my parents' house where I will spend my rest days. But then something came up and I - with my officemates - were not able to go home until after 6PM. It would be hard for me to commute to Navotas by that time because it was already rush hour so I just opted to go home to my apartment for the night. 

Problem solved? Not really. You see, ever since I experienced the wonders of the world wide web I found it hard to let a day go by without getting my Internet fix. It has been my ritual to surf the net before I go to sleep. I use my desktop PC when I am in my parents', and my netbook Lady Fabrize when I am at the apartment. The problem was, my netbook is in my parents' house. I brought her home on Saturday because I didn't have work on Sunday and figured I will be home anyway from Monday - Wednesday. So that's the reason why I did not have an entry for Make Me Smile Mondays yesterday. Left with no other means to get my Internet fix, I just watched my DVDs of How I Met Your Mother again so that Barney can somehow cheer me up.

And so, instead of eating my Mom's home-cooked dinner I was looking forward to after five days' worth of less-than-satisfactory dinners, I ate this last night:

Nothing beats KFC!
That's a serving of Famous Bowl. It does look a bit icky on the photo but I swear, it's a delicious mix of mashed potato with gravy, chicken, corn, smothered with cheese on top. Super yummy! I also got an extra serving of gravy and a bottle of C2 green tea - apple.

I finally got home this morning and proceeded to use the computer after I ate breakfast prepared by my Mom. Alas, the Internet connection was not working! I tried to use my prepaid Internet stick but I really was not able to connect! The CSR from SmartBro advised me they were having some repairs done on their base station. This carried on for another couple of hours. I was finally able to use the computer at about 1PM. Gah! It was so frustrating =[

Everything's fine now, though.Yay?

I know these are superficial and I sound really shallow to some of you after reading this post but I just wanted to vent. If I may, there is a line (I can look it up, but I am feeling too lazy) in the book The Perks of Being a Wallflower that not feeling these things does not necessarily mean the problems of the world will bee solved. My friends, it's okay to be annoyed by stuff that might seem too trivial for others even if there are people dealing with more serious issues.

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  1. Oh Krissy I'm so sorry to hear about your misfortunes. I can't stand when one thing creates a domino effect and literally ruins each and every one of your plans. I think a little retail therapy is in order to put a smile on your face and get everything back into order!! :)

  2. @ Erika: You're right, retail therapy has saved me time and again from sitches like this! Right now I would really like to buy some eyeshadow palettes but I need to wait first for payday. Good thing it's this Friday already!

  3. M'lady, you sound the furthest thing from superficial and shallow. As much as it's important to look to the devastating things happening to the world, the truth of the matter is, bad things happen to us individually, too, and sometimes we can't ignore them. I don't think they're trivial at all ... and I'm glad you didn't apologize. You're allowed to rant!

    Sorry these things happened, but I'm glad everything's fine now and those bowl are delicious! Hope the rest of your week is a lot better <3

  4. I can relate... I get so frustrated if I can't have my internet fix. I guess we are normal. xoxo

  5. hahahah bebeh, we're just internet addicts.

    i cannot live without internet too. two weeks ago, the internet at my place (and the whole housing area) had no internet connection. i swear the next day i went straight to the mobile shop to change my phone plan to postpaid and got an internet connection straight away. totally cannot live without internet. i feel you :)

  6. don't worry, i'm pretty hopeless without the internet too. if the internet on my phone goes off for a few minutes it bothers me. hahaha! and ohhhhhh man.. KFC! my bf always boasts about how GOOD it is there and how different the kfc there tastes! i can't wait! kfc, jolibee, shakeys, *mmmm* the possibilities.

  7. We have not-so-good days every now and then. I hope you have better days. I was gonna ask you about the performance of Smart Bro. ☮.♥.☆

  8. @ Nikolett: Thank you! I found out long ago that we shouldn't apologize for things we feel :) I am fine now (except for a case of sneezing fits >.<) and yes, that Famous Bowl is delicious :D

    @ Leah: I guess we are :)

    @ Ejanzz: I even had these cases before where I get super mad because I cannot use the computer! Blame the hormones! :D

    @ Kooty: Definitely! :)

    @ Kym: Punta ka na kasi dito! I'll treat you to Jollibee! :D

    @ Russ: Thank you :) I've been using Smartbro's Postpaid line for more than 5 years now and so far I haven't experienced any problems with them. The worst was during Milenyo hit, the antenna was broken, but they replaced it (for free) within 3 days. I use Smartbro prepaid USB stick naman for my netbook for when I am at the apartment. Its speed is acceptable naman :) There are just random times like these na they are doing repairs at the base station daw, but it only takes a couple of hours naman :)

  9. It is hard to go a day without internet--especially after the dissapointment of missing a home-cooked meal.

    I don't like KFC in the US. I hope I get to try it there someday--everyone seems to love it!

    I hope your rest days are more relaxing next week. =)

  10. parang voodoo lang di ba?

    when it rains it pours. kayniz.

    but i love KFC. Yan bumuhay sa akin nung college ako and Tokyo Tokyo

    I am Denise Katipunera

  11. On the bright side of having a crappy day is that the subsequent days will be better! Glad youre positive! KFC is like comfort food-always yummy and it hits the spot! Hi im Janice btw, nice to meet you Krissy!

  12. Ugh I hate when they held you up like that after guaranteeing you could bail up earlier before. It sucks having no computer around for playing internet but HIMYM is a great distraction.

    Ps.yummmm KFC!

  13. @ Rick: Aww really? KFC is one of my favorite fastfoods here! You should try it the way we Filipinos like it, with lots and lots of gravy! :D Thank you for your warm wishes, I hope so too! :)

    @ Denise: Yes, but I resolve not to be too affected :) Fastfood places are the best for people like me who don't know how to cook :D

    @ Janice: Nice to meet you, too! Thanks for visiting! It's always nice to meet new friends! :)

    @ Andhari: Barney is awesome, thanks to him for cheering me up :D I hope we can bond over KFC someday! :)


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