A Piece of Me... in February 2010

07 February 2010

This month...

I like: that it's the Love Month! Perfect excuse to go on endless rom-com marathons! Bring on the cheese-fest! :D

I don't like: that Dane's and my plans to go to Enchanted Kingdom (the biggest theme park in our country)  on the 13th was cancelled because my VL from work was not approved. Plans have been pushed back to next month. My VL on the 14th was approved though so yay! We might still come up with something on the evening of the 13th. :)

I want you to know: that Dane and I are not a couple. Nobody believes me when I say so. We are just in a special friendship, people. x_x

I've planned: to not be bummed this Valentine's even though I am not part of a couple. In the next posts I would like to tell you about my *ehem* experiences when it comes to that four letter word - love.

I want to say to someone special: Happy Birthday!! That goes to my father who will celebrate his birthday on the 14th. His name is Valentino. He and Jing has the same birthday. :)

This is a game thought up by the Toothfairy so we can all share a bit of ourselves to our readers by completing a set of unfinished sentences every first Sunday of the month. Easy enough right? And fun! Want to join? Click here! :)


  1. Dane and you... not a couple? Hmmmmmm... you are so sweet together. And I feel that you are perfect for each other.xoxo

  2. Special friendship...hmm, is it the term for a phase right before a romantic relationship these days? Lol I'm just playing with you, sweetie. You guys are cute together though.:)

  3. 'I want you to know: that Dane and I are not a couple. Nobody believes me when I say so. We are just in a special friendship, people.'...........................................................................yeah right!

    just kidding ;)

  4. @ Russ: Romantic comedies :D

    @ Leah, Andhari, Manju: SEE??! That's exactly what I mean! :D

  5. yey for rom-com marathon! heehee :)
    i find comfort in watching them.
    im excited to watch the movie valentine's day this month. :)

    hmmmmn.... not a couple eh?..
    special friendship?... hmmmm
    im looking forward for "updates" on your "special" friendship :) :)

    hihi just kidding..
    have a happy love month pretty!!

  6. not a couple? ok........ fineeeee. if that's how you want to label it ;p

    lol in fairness i have lots of friends with "special relationship" status, but none to your extent. i think there's something something krissy... ;p

  7. Oh wow.. everyone's debating your special friendship, krissy.

    but.. but.. I have a special friendship with Manju and now I'm not sure what that means >_<

    Can you explain that special friendship to me? Hehe :P

  8. LOL no one is believing your "I want you to know" part :) I think it's cute that you've got a special friendship ... whatever that may mean!

    And that sucks that it was pushed back a month, but I'm glad you got one day free! *hugs*

  9. i like this...hehehe..Ü

  10. I personally don't like roller coasters. Maybe it's the feeling in the gut that I don't enjoy. However, i envy those people who are able to ride and ENJOY them! How do you people do it? I hope you get to Enchanted Kingdom SOON!

    Also, I can't wait to read your entry about-- love.

  11. Heehee. I love your blog because you remind me so much of me at your age. Guess what happened to my "special friend?" He became my hubby! =D Just kidding, dear krissy! Lol! You two look great together!

  12. you guys don't need an excuse to cheese it up! palagi naman kayong corny eh! hahaha! jk jk! ;P "special friendship" -- thats another word for relationship in denial. hahah! just kidding! enjoy this month krissy!

  13. u and dane not a couple? so what exactly is the meaning of "special friendship?"hehehehe

  14. Wait what? I thought all along that you and Dane were officially a couple? Ohhh...so that's why you love 500 Days of Summer huh?

  15. Jessica, yes, that's maybe one of the reasons why :D

    Okay, I am definitely posting a tell-all post one of these days :D


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