MMSM - Coffee and Sweets

01 February 2010

I have noticed that I rambled on and on in my previous posts, so for now I am going to write a short introduction and then let the pictures (and the short captions) speak for themselves. Ü

I like this day. Aside from it being my weekend (to the uninitiated, my rest days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays), I love how it was oh-so-easy-breezy at work today. 

Dane returned from his vacation in Bicol last Thursday morning (we also saw each other that day but that deserves another blog entry). The famous perfect cone-shaped Mayon Volcano is located in that beautiful province. In our country, Bicol is also synonymous to pili nuts and a trip there will not be complete without trying them. (Backstory: my maternal grandparents are also from Bicol so I am a certified Bicolana even though I have been there just once.) Maybe that is why I like pili-smothered anything? But then again you don't have to hail from Bicol to like these sweets, they are really delicioso!

Today he gave me the goodies he bought for me :)

A bar of Mazapan de Pili, pili cakes, honey flavored crispy pili nuts,
and lots and lots of pili tarts

My friend/ officemate Sasha also came from Hong Kong and she gave me this:

Mocca Kocke wafers

You are both so thoughtful, thank you very much! :)

I missed being Dane's lunchmate the whole week he was away, so today we ate at KFC and had a special treat via Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

waiting for our drinks

Our Ice Blended Coffees in White Chocolate Dream
Pure heaven!

goofing around

this is what I wore today
I love the scarecrows in my skirt, very unique!

black lucite heart necklace

new shoes
I  haven't worn wedges in a long, long time

I also curled my hair a bit today :)

Sweets from sweet friends, quality time with Dane and coffee heaven-in-a-cup, unique skirt, funky necklace, pretty shoes, curls. I cannot decide which made me smile the most.

I hope you'll have a fabulous and smile-filled week ahead! Ü


  1. nilalangam na kayo ni dane! hahhaha! ;P i want pili nuts too!!!! grabe... i want jolibee, dried mangos, ube, and all the delicious foods we can't get here! BOOOO! :(

    love your outfit too btw, especially the necklace! i just bought a bracelet from a fellow blogger that looks kinda like that.. black with a heart pendant! hehe! ;P

    have a great week ahead!

  2. You and Dane look great together! I've never tried pili-anything, but somehow now I have a craving for the marzapan.

    I friend gave me a Starbuck's gift card and I'm saving it for summer--I love frozen/iced coffee drinks, but not hot coffee.

    Thanks for the smile!

  3. it's the very first time i'm hearing about pili nuts
    pili pili pili.....looollll fun name ^_^

  4. ice blended drinks are my favorite too!

    love your new wedges!

  5. looks like you had a great time! i drool over your cold treat!


  6. you and Dane are cutte! And I LOVE KFC. omg their tooney tuesdays, even though it's not $2 anymore.. it's still delicious. hehe.

  7. wowzer, that's a fun fun time! i love your wedges. so pretty....

    *running to the kicthen to get some food* your treats make me hungry >,<

  8. @ Kym: Dali na you go here na and visit! :D That heart necklace, I actually have it in more than 10 other colors, I'm crazy :D

    @ Rick: I hope you can get to try them someday! If there's a chance I would love to send a few to all of you! :) I also love frozen coffee and frappes more than I love hot coffee, but hot coffee does a better job at perking me up at work :D

    @ Manju: Haha now that you mention it, yeah it is a pretty funny name. But you should try them! :D

    @ Amynaree: Thank you! I got them two weeks ago, while waiting for the screening of Avatar :D

    @ Betz: I certainly did :D

    @ Pop Champagne: KFC is my favorite fastfood, I like it more than McDonald's :D

    @ Ejannz: Haha thanks! But I am more jealous of you, what with your trip to Spain and all :D

  9. I think I know that sweets! my friend gave me one whole pack and they were so very yummy :)
    love your curls girl!

  10. Those sweets and snack look yummy. You look pretty in those pictures :D

  11. @ acutelife: Oh I'm glad you liked them! Thank you! :)

    @ Andhari: They really are :) Thank you! :)

  12. cute blog and outfit!

    lovelove, M.

  13. pili nuts are so good! now, i know what i want from the philippines :] im telling my grandparents to get me some from over there ^_^

    and your friend... or boyfrien? is so nice to bring you back some goodies!

  14. @ M: Thank you :)

    @ Abby: I hope your grandparents send you some :) Dane's my special friend heehee, thanks! :)

  15. An ice blended coffee and a day with my husband is the perfect day in my book! :) We're from Seattle, so loving coffee is natural. LOL!

    Love your necklace and dress -- too cute! And I like the picture where your guy is sticking his tongue out, but you're serious. LOL!

  16. @ Kate Gene: He's almost always like that in our photos :D


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