{2018} Currently Vol. 12

21 March 2018

I was supposed to go somewhere very exciting today. I was actually dressed and almost prepared to leave, until my wounds started hurting. I didn't want to force it and deal with harsher consequences after, so I just decided to cancel my plans and go another day. 

I will just stay home and sulk, but at least I get to sulk with Coraline.

This is a NECA Coraline bendy doll with her yellow raincoat, denim jeans, and yellow rain boots.

She looks exactly like Coraline from the movie, and I love her bendy and pose-able body although my favorite feature of hers is her blue hair. She also comes with a stand.

I hope I can make an orange sweater for her when I learn how to knit.

My boyfriend got her from Collector's Toy Box. I'm her Other Mother now. ;)



I haven't started with it yet, but I just bought the Kindle edition of Mina V. Esguerra's Iris After the Incident from Amazon.


John Legend. We're going to the Manila leg of his Darkness and Light tour tonight! Please please please body please please please feel well enough.


My pajamas again but I'm going to prepare to leave for the concert in a bit.


A little better than earlier.


That everything goes well. <3 p="">

Are you going to the concert, too? Have fun!

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