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07 March 2018

Yesterday marked the second week since I had my operation, and I "celebrated" by opening another investment account.

I was supposed to just open a new savings account but an info-graphic on BPI's counter enticed me. One of the tellers gave me and my Aunt Jean more details and so I happily opened a BPI-PHILAM insurance-investment account. I wish I started a long time ago, but it's good that I'm doing it now rather than later.

We had to ride a tricycle and walk a bit to go to the bank and back home but I felt too tired and my wounds hurt after. I was advised that even if the wounds have healed outside, my insides are still healing and I should continue resting until it heals completely. That means I had to beg off my engagements this weekend: Project Vanity's 10th Anniversary Event on Saturday and the BDJ Women's Summit 2018: Women Redefined on Sunday. :(

BUT you do have the chance to go to the BDJ Women's Summit to be held at the Samsung Hall in SM Aura this Sunday because I am giving away five pairs of free passes to the event!

A huge chunk of the work that the Belle de Jour team does is geared towards building a community of empowered women. As part of this support system, they regularly hold women empowerment events. This year they aim to inspire, empower, and equip more Filipinas, especially millennials, with empowering messages on how they can find one’s true self and lead an authentic life.

In celebration of Women’s Month 2018, they are holding the 3rd BDJ Women’s Summit, Women Redefined. Scheduled for March 11th, Sunday, in Samsung Hall, SM Aura from 9AM to 6PM, their Women Redefined Summit has the tentative line-up of speakers and plenary sessions:

  • Opening Speaker: Maria Ressa
  • Transformative Females: Finding One’s Identity and Discovering One’s Passion (Abby Asistio and Blu Pingoy)
  • Extraordinary Females: Overcoming One’s Circumstances and Maximizing One’s Blessings (Jover Laurio and Rachel de Villa)
  • Resourceful Females: Paving One’s Path and Sustaining One’s Success (Kathleen Yu and Audrey Tangonan)
  • Closing Keynote Speaker: Kris Aquino

They will also partner with NGOs and Women's Advocacy Groups to educate Filipinas on feasible solutions for issues faced by underprivileged women who don’t have access to informative talks. This summit will be attended by at least 500 individuals who are goal-oriented and ready to make a difference.

Do you want to go? It's so simple! If you want to win a pair of passes for you and a friend (and a pair of Summit Kits to go with it), just tell me why you want to go by leaving a comment on this blog post, or by tweeting me, or by letting me know on Instagram, or by sending me a message on my blog's Facebook Page. I will choose five people on Friday morning! I really wish I can join you but I have to heal first. Good luck and have loads of fun on my behalf!



Kevin Kwan's Crazy Rich Asians. I know I know, I'm late to the party, but what a fun read!


Remember Me. Congratulations on winning the Academy Award for Best Original Song!


Pajamas, all day every day.


Of more ways to earn more money. Rebecca Bloomwood (of the Confessions of a Shopaholic fame) said it's either you spend less or earn more. Clearly I can't spend less what with all the dolls and books I need to buy, so I need to earn more.


A serious case of FOMO. Resting is good but I kinda miss the daily grind, but I know I have to cherish this long vacation because it will be over soon.


My boyfriend. Seriously. I just want to say I really appreciate him for all that he does and I can't be prouder and more blessed that he's my man.


To heal soon so I can at least leave the house.


To think of birthday plans. I am turning 32 in less than a month! EEEEP!


That I heal completely, without any complications. Going to the hospital is scary, and I don't want another reason to go.

Aaand that's it! Don't forget to join my contest for the BDJ Women's Summit passes! Thank you for reading! ♡

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