Darkness and Light: John Legend in Manila

21 March 2018

My boyfriend and I just got home from Araneta Coliseum for the Manila leg of John Legend's Darkness and Light tour. I need to wake up early tomorrow for a morning appointment but I need to write this so I may process my emotions better.

I have not recovered completely from my operation yet but there was no way we were going to miss this concert. We purchased our tickets the moment they became available for sale on November 30, and I counted down the days. Ready or not, we just had to be there.

And it was worth it. I may not get over it for a long, long time.

I started crying the moment John crooned his first notes on stage, but I totally lost it at the Like I'm Gonna Lose You - Save Room - PDA triumvirate.

The man is phenomenal! We were seated at the Upper Box section but even from afar it is obvious that passion and talent seep from every pore. He knows he's sexy and he knows how to work the crowd. He has such a silky voice perfect for serenading the entire coliseum, and everyone fell in love. 

I also loved how he inserted personal anecdotes before most of his songs. My favorite was the part where he talked about how the birth of his daughter Luna is one of the most unforgettable moments of his life. I guess I should also admit here that I am a huge Chrissy Teigen fan and one of the many reasons why I cried so much tonight is because I was thinking about how perfect they are together. ♡

I know I say this almost every time I go to a concert, but seriously you guys, John Legend's Darkness and Light tour is up there on my list of favorite concerts of all time. I am already looking forward for his next visit here.

My favorite favorite part was when he asked us to tell the people we love that we love them, and My Love was right there sitting right beside me. So I'm gonna love him like I'm gonna lose him. I'm gonna hold him like I'm saying goodbye. Wherever we're standing I won't take him for granted 'cause I'll never when, when we'll run out of time. ♬♫♪♡ 

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