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28 March 2018

It has been five weeks since my operation and I am healing much better. My wounds still hurt if I stay standing on my feet for too long or walk far distances, but generally I can say I am on my way to complete recovery. If there's anything this ordeal has taught me, it is patience, especially on times I want nothing more than for my body to hurry up and heal.

This past week has been productive because aside from the John Legend concert, I also got to do other things I've been wanting to do, like learn how to crochet.

... And I failed. Spectacularly.

I have seriously never felt dumber in my life than when I was trying (and failing) to imitate what Miss Monina of All About Crochet was teaching us during the Workshops part of the Women's Summit held in ManilaMed (the hospital where I had my operation).

The Summit was organized by my doctor (and my boyfriend's aunt), Dr. Luisa Mangubat, and it was a lot of fun because I learned a lot from the speakers and teachers of the Workshop proper. Still, my attempts to learn how to crochet was terribly executed because my brain seemingly didn't want to cooperate with my hands.

My boyfriend's Mom, Tita Judy, went with me
My sister also came for the Workshops
I refuse to give up, though. I even got more yarn and I intend to use them when I'm more adept at it. At least I have my double-ended crochet needle and yarns now so I can watch tutorials online and try it again and again and again.

Wish me luck!



Mina V. Esguerra's Iris After the Incident.


Plans for my birthday! It's next week already! Eeep!


The Music of Haruki Murakami. J took me to the Listen to Haruki Murakami jazz concert last Friday at the Maybank Performing Arts Theater.

I didn't think I would enjoy a jazz concert that much but it was so beautiful and intense and delicate and creative and inspiring.

The hardest part of attending a concert after being operated on is not being able to clap because the movement hurts my wounds.



Just kidding.

J surprised me with a lavender plant last Saturday and I potted the seeds today.

My Mother and Grandma didn't pass on their green thumbs to me but the "100% Natural Seeds Guaranteed to Grow" blurb gives me hope that I will be able to grow these.

Wish us luck!


The new Althea Korea Bare Essentials Fixer Cream.

The new Althea Korea Bare Essentials line hopes to strip down your skincare needs and go back to basics: a 3-step routine instead of the more complicated 10 to 15-step Korean skincare routine we have become more familiar with. I started this new skincare routine today and will let you know how it fares and how my skin reacts to it in the coming weeks!


Should I have more cake?

Seeing double with Coraline on the screen and my NECA Coraline bendable doll.

And yes, I had cake!

Guiltless desserts c/o Tita Judy and her new creation: a keto lemon cake.


Anxious because the days are passing quickly and my vacation is almost over.

Excited for my birthday.

Apprehensive for my birthday because, in the words of my friend Anne, "it's all going downhill from here."

Sad and worried for my Grandpa who has been in the hospital for two weeks now.

Happy for and proud of my cousins who are graduating today.

I'm a small girl with too many emotions inside me that it's a wonder I haven't spontaneously combusted.


Sleepy Hugo.


To meet more friends in the doll collecting community. I went to my second doll meet-up last Sunday and it was my first time to meet most of them.

It's always nice to meet more friends with similar interests.


To think of themes for my mini pre-birthday celebration happening next week. I wasn't supposed to have a theme but Ruth asked me so now I am thinking of possible themes to choose from.


For a collection of precious and priceless Barbies.

One of the highlights of my week was being invited by Richprime Global Inc. to come visit their office. I saw the huge collection of their CEO Myrna Yao and my jaw almost dropped. I will blog more about this visit on my next post and I hope you can check that out.

Until then! Thank you for reading. ♡

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