{2018} Currently Vol. 11

14 March 2018

My hours and days have blurred and blended into one another and I have lost count of time. I check my calendar frequently though because my birthday is approaching and I need to make birthday plans. The perfect idea came to me today, and the only challenge is making people go because it falls on a work-day. Nonetheless I will be happy even if only a few people end up making it. 



Nothing. I need to look for my next book to read.


The news. I'd rather use earphones and listen to music because watching and hearing the news is heartbreaking, but I guess it's better to be armed with knowledge about what's happening around us.


Lavender and mint. Everything in my bathroom is either lavender- or mint-scented, or both. I love it.

Here are my newest orders from Human Nature, and the new Human Nature Volcanic Cooling Body Scrub is an instant favorite.


Pajamas all day, every day.


Of more ways to jazz up my birthday celebration. For my 28th birthday I had a How I Met Your Mother-themed party which will be difficult to top, but the goal is not to top that anyway, but to make it another memorable party that will be a beautiful story someday.


Equal parts anxious and excited for the future.


Miniatures! Most of the stuff I ordered online have arrived, and they're darlings.

I'm done with all the pieces of furniture of this diorama, I just need to finish sewing the pillows and cutting out the framed photos and books.

Is that the most adorable sewing kit you've ever seen or what?

The rest of my new Barbie accessory pack. ♡


I don't know. My boyfriend asked me what I want for my birthday, but I couldn't give an answer. I just want my little party to be fun for everyone who will be able to go.


Time to slow down. I just realized I have one month and nine days left for this vacation! I need to learn how to knit and crochet before then!


That you are taking care of your heart.

Thank you for reading. ♡

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