Review: Barbie Made to Move Dancer

13 March 2018

It took a while before I got a new doll, and this one is pretty special. ♥ I wanted to post her in time for Barbie's birthday but I only got my hands on her this weekend, so here she is. She has a Made to Move body but what makes her extra-special for me is that she is my first Curvy Barbie!

Ladies and gents, the new Barbie Made to Move Dancer!

I almost gave up on getting one because I didn't think she would be released here in the Philippines. As far as I knew she was only available in Australia, and even a quick search on Amazon didn't give me results. Imagine my surprise when my doll collector friend Wawie posted about her, and kindly offered to get one for me as I am still on bed rest following my operation. As luck would have it, my boyfriend J's sister, Courtney, was en route to Uptown Mall where there's a Toys "R" Us, and so as per J's request got me the last remaining doll on stock! Yay!

Special thanks to Richwell for distributing this doll locally!

I unboxed her as soon as I got her.

The first thing I noticed as soon as I held her in my hands is how hefty she is. Unlike my other Barbie Made to Move dolls and regular Barbies, she feels really solid and doesn't seem fragile at all, and so I wasn't worried about mishandling her.

I love her skin tone and her fiery pink hair with orange highlights!

Because she is a Dancer, there's a boombox included in the box with her. Unfortunately the phone in the boombox is just a sticker and cannot be removed, hee. To match her Dancer street style, she wears a cropped shirt with a black tube top underneath (plus points for two separate pieces of clothing!) and a pair of acid-washed denim jeans. She is also wearing a pair of teal sneakers that match the loudness of her hair. I love it!

I wanted to see if a regular Barbie's dress will fit her but all my dolls, dolls' clothes and shoes, and other accoutrements are in my boyfriend's house. Fortunately I had a package delivered here from the House of Malibu online shop so I was able to change my Curvy Barbie's clothes.

The front says this pencil cut dress fits, albeit a little snug. She also looks fierce in heels!

But the back tells a different story. Yikes. I could barely close the Velcro.

Still, I like this dress on her and I think it suits her and her personality.

She's seen here wearing a pair of eyeglasses and clutching an iPhone that came from another Barbie accessory pack, also purchased last week from Toys "R" Us by my boyfriend while chatting with me about my top picks. (I love how supportive he is of my hobbies. ♥)

The Barbie Made to Move Dancer has light gray eyes, dark gray eyebrows, and a bubblegum pink lipstick. She's really pretty. I named her Jessica.

I asked J to bring my Barbie Made to Move Skateboarder when he came over on Saturday with my Barbie Made to Move Dancer, as I thought it would be fun to take photos of them together.

Sandy and Jessica are instant BFFs!

Here's a side-by-side comparison of the two Barbie Made to Move bodies:

Look at Jessica's booty! I am so excited for Mattel to release more body types under the Barbie Made to Move line!

I grew up surrounded by blond Barbies, and I remember wondering if I could ever be as beautiful as my dolls. Barbie with her thin waist, perfect smile, and long legs was always the star of the story lines I wrote in my head, and they were always stories of frivolous wealth and glamour because that was the world I imagined her to represent. I don't think my self-esteem was affected by this and it's not like I needed a doll to validate how I view myself, but now that I visit toy stores and see Barbie dolls from different races sporting differing skin tones, hair colors, and outfits that veer away from the standard pink clothing I was used to, I feel giddy because here, here are dolls that look like me. I am as beautiful as Barbie.


  1. Hi! It's a great review ! ❤️
    Anyway I've been thinking about getting her body for myscene doll. but not sure about her skin colour 🥲.
    Is it tan like usual Barbie..or darker ?

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