Greatest Hits: April 2016

01 May 2016

Hello! How are you?

I haven't been diligent in my Currently updates because I've been too busy with work and stuff and commuting to and from our new office every day drains me that I barely have energy for my other hobbies when I'm home, and that makes me sad. And so, it's the first day of May but I feel like I have to write this for posterity. Besides, April is my birthday month and I did a lot of things and went to a lot of places that I would like to look back on years from now.

This month:

I helped organize Penshoppe's press conference and fan conference for Sandara Park. It blows my mind how before I just get invited to Penshoppe events, and now I work with them. 

Alex and I doing our best Sandara poses
I turned 30 and celebrated my day with a whole body massage and a lovely Italian dinner with my boyfriend. We also visited Bioresearch where we ogled at bunnies. 

I never forget to order Turtle Cheesecake from Bigoli and of course I also made sure I had it on my birthday. It never disappoints. ♥
My boss Jenny's birthday gift to me: Aries pendant from Stockton Row's Zodiac collection
I was invited by the UP Business Administration Council to judge at the Tambalang BA 2016

I helped organize the huge launch event of Oxygen's collaboration with Billboard magazine, after which I had a belated birthday dinner with my friends.

Hearing Magic performed live by She's Only Sixteen was magical
 I also finally met my favorite tweeter in person!

Miah taught me how to build model kits. I built BB-8 and he built R2-D2.
He also got me cake ♥
No specific reason for this photo except that we look cute here. Hee.
The #romanceclass celebrated April Feels Day! ♥

I slept over at my friend/ serenade and sunshine-in-a-box Ed's house with our other friends from college. I wish I could've stayed up longer for more chika with them but I was too tired from work.

Ed's birthday gift to me - a Cotton On shirt with this print - proves that he knows me so well.
I visited KidZania for work and I was blown away by how awesome this place is!
I finally finished Neko Atsume!

I had lunch with these beautiful ladies Luie, Noelle, Julia, and Alex.
Miah tagged me along to Wingman in UP Town Center where I watched them compete with other teams at Geek Night. The theme was Capt. America. They tied with another team to win first place even after several sudden death questions. Hah! I went home with the Thor FunkoPop he won. ♥
My other POPs promptly threw a welcome party for him. Of course.

Once Upon a Sticky Note celebrated its first anniversary. ♥
Aaand we celebrated our first anniversary of meeting each other. Hee.
Passion by Gerard Dubois became my favorite place in BGC. ♥
Watched Captain America: Civil War.

I ordered these boots online for our Oxygen x Billboard launch but they arrived one day after the event. #fail
ARC PR has gotten so big but this month we also had to say goodbye to an officemate. Good luck on your future endeavors, Mark!
Ice cream party!
Penshoppe gifted me with another piece from the Batman v Superman collection. I love this Wonder Woman tank top and I think I will use it for jogging or climbing!
Yesterday, the last day of April, Nuffnang took Miah and me on a food trip at the South. We had such a great time and I can't wait to show you photos of everything we ate!

My eyes almost popped right out of their sockets when I saw this one. Naturally I had to get him so he could go on adventures with me.
One of my favorite things about this month was our visit to Pups & Cups Dog Cafe. I want my own dog babies!
This month couldn't have been as great without this guy here.

From Manila to Baguio and back, to Quezon City, to Makati, the South, and back again, thank you for being my April's greatest hit! 

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