08 May 2016

Tomorrow I'll do my part as a citizen and vote in the national elections that will decide the fate of our country not only for the next six years but for all the years that follow. I can only hope that whoever gets elected performs according to a sound moral compass, a critical and intelligent mind, and a kind but just heart. 

The past couple of months have been extra stressful with majority of the people in my social media feeds spewing negativity and noise online, so today was a nice break from all those.

Today, we honored mothers.

Happy Mother's Day, Mama!
You are our queen. We love you!

My Mama is definitely the most influential person in my life and whatever I have become and will become, I owe it to her. She taught me a lot of things and even though I may not have been able to tell her as much as I wanted to, I love her and she'll always be my Favoritest. I'm sure being a Mom is a difficult, permanent job but she makes it look so easy. When it's my turn to become a Mom myself, I hope I make her proud and raise my future kid/s the same way she raised us.

I'd also like to thank the Moms of my precious friends and my Miah for bringing wonderful beings I am glad to share my life with in this lifetime. Cheers to our Moms! ♥

Don't forget to say a prayer for your Mom and our Motherland tonight.

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