{2016} Currently Vol. 11

14 March 2016

Growing up with an encouraging family and gobbling up a lot of self-help books and articles made me believe I can do every thing I set my mind and heart to. Apparently, that is not always the case.

Last Saturday, I tried to scale the 44-foot climbing wall in Market! Market! and failed. Miserably.

The last time I tried wall-climbing was 12 years ago at the Momarco Camp in Tanay, Rizal for our CAT training. I failed then because of sheer exhaustion; we hiked all morning and my arms and legs simply couldn't go on. This time around, I felt I could make it easily, had I not made the terrible mistake of looking down. I saw how high up I was and my legs turned to jelly. My heart started pounding loudly and the music booming around the mall coming from the people doing Zumba in the Activity Area five levels down didn't help either. I couldn't shake it off and had to give up.

The same thing happened to me when I tried AntiGravity Yoga. My fear was bigger than my will and I couldn't shut its nasty voice off. And so now I wasn't able to tick it off my List, and it sucks.

Meanwhile, this guy finished it in less than three minutes!

I'm a proud girlfriend, you guys.

Oh, well. I will try again next time. Here is this week's Currently!


Still One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories by B.J. Novak. I am almost done, though!

Still the updated version of my short story Once Upon a Sticky Note. I'm finding it a little difficult, to be honest. I am my own worst critic.

M2M's songs on loop! I wonder where Marit Larsen and Marion Raven have gone to? I LOVED their albums Shades of Purple and The Big Room!

My Batman shirts because Batman v Superman is coming very, very soon!

I think I have about eight Batman shirts lying around. Heh. I also got a Batman pullover from Penshoppe's Batman v Superman collection recently. I want to buy more!

Yes, we're BatFans. But you already know that.

Batman's the best.

Of what to do to celebrate my birthday this year. I'm turning 30 so it's a milestone year, but right now I'm completely at a loss for plans.

Tired? My arms, legs, and buttocks still feel like butter from my failed wall-climbing session, but I'm okay. I'm mostly happy.

For my birthday? Normally I would've already thought of what to give myself as a birthday gift as early as now, but just like my birthday plans I honestly don't know.

More time to accomplish the things I still need to do, and the discipline to do them.

My new George-Michael Bluth Funko POP that Miah bought for me when we dropped by Filbar's before going home last Saturday.

I love Arrested Development and I didn't know they released this line of toys so imagine my joy when I saw this. Heehee. There's always money in the banana stand!

I wish they release a How I Met Your Mother line, too.

Aaand that's it! I'm ready for the week ahead! I guess.

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