We gave the gift of light with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

27 April 2016

After our mini bookish outing at last Saturday's Dia del Libro, we headed to 26th Street Bistro for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Give the Gift of Light project. We weren't supposed to go anymore but the opportunity to help other kids have the chance to a better quality of life was too good to pass up.

It's easy to take things for granted, especially if they've always been there for us. We just notice the inconvenience when we suddenly find ourselves without the thing (or person) that we take for granted. In this case: blackouts. But for the people of the Dumagat tribe, this is not a temporary inconvenience - this is their permanent reality. And so I didn't hesitate to dedicate a few hours of our Saturdate with the other volunteers that flocked in the 26th Street Bistro.

It was a delight to see the place packed with people wanting to pledge and volunteer their time, effort, and money to help give light to the kids of the Dumagat tribe. ♡ We weren't able to start on our lamps right away because we had to wait for other people to finish using their soldering irons!

Miah and I with my officemate/ friend Jean and her husband Alex and daughter Ashley
"Madali lang yan! Parang Gundam lang!" were my exact words to Miah.

Assembling the metal parts to the circuit board was easy thanks to the volunteers from My Shelter Foundation who guided us throughout the process.

Buuut we got delayed at the soldering part because my boyfriend is such a perfectionist. Hee.

Seeing our finished lamp light up was such a relief a proud moment for us! Knowing that a family will not have to live in the dark anymore with the help of our lamp warmed our hearts.

How can I help save the earth? By learning to limit my purchases, not wasting food, bringing a tote bag when I go shopping so I won't have to rely on shops' plastic bags, and being mindful of the stuff I consume and throw out.

It was a lovely afternoon (that extended into the early evening) of giving light. Thanks for this opportunity, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and ARC Public Relations! Special thanks also to my "groupmates" that day: Miah, Jean, Alex, and Ashley.

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