Robots and pizza? Let's.

22 May 2016

One of his hobbies that Miah has successfully rubbed off on me is toy-collecting. Not on his level of collecting (he's hardcore), but one look on my desk in the office and you'll get the picture. I mean, I had a lot of toys before but even with my expansive collection of Barbies, Polly Pockets, Sailor Moon figures, play kitchens, paper dolls, and doll houses I don't think I'll even come close.

He introduced me to building Gundam model kits and was able to convince me to get my first set.

His Gundam Gusion Rebake (doesn't it remind you of bread??) and my cutie-patootie Wing Gundam
It didn't take me long to build it, but only because it was tiny. Heh. Still, the first model kit I ever built was BB-8 and I think that came out A-okay.

I just love watching him work, with brows furrowed in concentration - messy hair and all ♡ 
Our new project? Paint my Wing Gundam pretty pastel colors to make it girly and more me.

One last look of it on its original form, I guess?
Ready for sanding
He said the first step is to sand the edges to make it smoother. I was supposed to do this (since it was mine, anyway) but I refused to budge. Hehe.
Next step is to paint a primer on. Same with makeup, the primer helps in priming the material for painting and making the colors adhere better. And then finally, paint. He uses airbrush on custom-painting toys. (This is his business so if you have anything you want custom-painted, just contact me so I can refer you to him, hee.) We ran out of time though so I guess we'll do these on the coming weekends instead.

Whenever we go to his house to hang out we always make sure we have snacks because we're always hungry. It's either we pass by SM Bicutan for ice cream or whatever or call for delivery.

Lazy Saturday spent watching X-Men: First Class and tinkering with toys? Let's Shakey's.

Find the hidden Pac-Man
Our favorite Angus Steakhouse!
In related news, did you know that Shakey’s has debuted their first open kitchen branch in Buendia, Makati?

Known for their trademark Thin-Crust Pizza and Chicken ’ N’ Mojos, Guests can now experience a live-cooking feel when they visit the newest store and peek through a see-through kitchen which will showcase the amount of care and effort that goes into preparing the well-loved pizza and pasta dishes of Shakey’s. 
This movement to create their first free-standing, open-kitchen branch is a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation, effectiveness, and efficiency in their Back of House in order to give Guests a convenient yet sophisticated dining experience. 
Other things that Guests can expect from the new Buendia branch is a brighter, lighter atmosphere with higher ceilings to highlight the restaurant’s modern design. Convenient, built-in customized USB ports and sockets are also available for those who prefer outside meetings or working lunches. 
I have yet to visit but we passed by this branch yesterday when he and his family dropped me off at my stop. I hope I can drop by before the end of the month to try their Yoghurt Summer Bliss also!

A creamy and delicious dessert that is the perfect end to a fun, family, pizza meal, the Shakey’s Yoghurt Summer Bliss is a cool source of comfort that will satisfy cravings when the tropical heat gets too hard to handle. Available in Strawberry and Blueberry flavors, these delectable and fruity treats will definitely quench your thirst and make your summer even better.
So, yeah, basically we love eating, and that is obvious by how thin we looked in our photos from a year ago, huhu.

We are not allowed to get hungry, or else...
Heads will roll. LOL.

Heehee, I love this guy. ❤️ 

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