I'm not ready for this.

31 March 2014

Last day of the first quarter of 2014, what up.

March flew by so fast, I feel like I didn't even get a single deep breath in.

This month I: worked from 8AM to 1AM because we had two events on the same day; learned calligraphy; went to the first baby shower I've ever been to; read a charming book; became an instant fan of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis; had a buffet dinner; sucked at bowling; and most importantly, fell in love with my favorite TV show over and over again that I am having too much trouble letting it go, that I decided to plan a How I Met Your Mother-themed birthday party.

The finale episode of my favorite show in all the world airs tomorrow and no, I am not, cannot, will not be ready for this.

In the days leading to the 31st of March in the US (1st of April here), I channeled my energy and "feels" towards making sure that my party decors will be perfect. Here are just some of the stuff I made over the weekend.

Small cardboard cut-outs (including an elaborately done Ducky Tie)  as props for photos, a chalkboard for the menu, and banners
Not included in the photo is my party's pièce de résistance: a handmade The Krissy Code book as a play on Barney's infamous The Bro Code. It is where I will make my guests write birthday greetings for me and it will be awesome! I also got my birthday dress earlier today and it's so pretty and dainty and perfect! Aside from the food, my party is already 83% locked in. I just need to make an Intervention Banner and a mini replica of the GNB Building and I'm done!

Oh Ted, Robin, Barney, Marshall, and Lily, how can I say goodbye.

I can, but it feels so sad knowing there'll be no new episodes to look forward to. But then, I rest in the knowledge that they're just a media player away and each revisit will offer new ways of learning from their stories. After all, I become a different person each time.

Might be nice to start a tradition with friends to get together and watch it with at least once every three years, yes?


  1. I haven't watched it yet! I am actually on Episode 21... it's just my way of dragging the ending for myself, like something to cling on to/ delaying the inevitable. (The series finale of Dexter and Sherlock are just sitting in my hard drive, tsk tsk) But now that everyone is posting snips of the finale I have to glaze over a lot of my screen. Hope it is a good ending.

    PS; yes i meant The Office US! the UK one is great but I think a lot of people don't get it coz of the heavy accents.

  2. I feel the same way! It's so sad knowing that our fave tv show came to an end. I still can't believe it :((


  3. That's exactly how I feel about Happy Endings! I loved that show and I couldn't wait to watch it, but it makes me sad that it was prematurely cancelled. :(

    I'm excited to watch it! Although I feel the need to wait for a couple of weeks to get my bearings back (haha) before I can invest my feelings in a new (well, at least to me) show.

  4. I'm gonna miss the MacLaren's gang so much!

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