It's raining Banana Peel!

01 August 2011

Happy August Monday, everyone! Let's start the week and the month spreading good vibes by having a giveaway ;)

It may officially be the rainy season here in Manila, but in days the skies offer reprieve from the rain, it's great to know Banana Peel is here for relaxed and laidback days!

Banana Peel began in the year 2002 when it felt the need to introduce a new lifestyle in the Filipino flip flops industry. I was in college at the time, and I witnessed how Banana Peel flip flops fly off the racks! Offering a wide variety of designs that range from classic to trendy at very affordable prices,Banana Peel quickly gained a fair share of the market.

It doesn't stop there. Continually thinking of ways to keep their customers happy, Banana Peel keeps on venturing into developing more innovations. Aside from flip flops, they have recently started carrying two new products that are sure to be another hit: the Banana Peel Foot Blush and the Banana Peel Foot Spray.

Enriched with tea tree oil and triclosan, the Banana Peel Foot Blush is an anti-bacterial foot spray that keeps feet pretty with the appearance of a rosey, healthy glow. Confidence levels while wearing your favorite flip flops, what up! Meanwhile, the Banana Peel Foot Spray keeps feet refreshed and odor-free, enabling you to strut your stuff in style, while being hygienic in the process! It comes in four variants depending on the active ingredient: Green Tea (promotes wholeness and well-being, helps maintain younger-looking skin), Lavender (lifts mood for relaxation, exudes sensuality and tranquility), Lemon Grass (citrus-smelling, deodorizes feet), and Peppermint (minty, gives a cooling effect to relieve tired feet). 

The lovely people of Banana Peel sent me awesome gifts, and it's great that I can get to share it with you guys! Aside from the complete line of BananaPeel Foot Sprays and Foot Blush, they also gave me two pairs of flip flops from the Status Quo line. 

Here is a photo of me rocking my black Status Quo 2" Wedges:

I love that my flip flops give me an instant boost in the height department ;)
Now, for the fun part: GIVEAWAY TIME!

One lucky reader can win these!

The Banana Peel gift pack includes: one Banana Peel Foot Blush, two Banana Peel Foot Sprays (Lavender and Lemon Grass), and Banana Peel gift cards worth P500!

The giveaway is open for Philippine residents only. If you are from another country and you would like to join, I can also send it to a friend or a relative you have here. To join, all you have to do is:
  1. Like Banana Peel on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.
  2. Blog or tweet about this giveaway. Tweets should be in this format: "@krissyfied is giving away #BananaPeel goodies! Visit now!"
  3. Post a comment with your name and your links for verification!
Doing the required steps above already gives you 5 entries. For additional entries, you may do these:
Easy-peasy, yes? Easy like wearing flip flops ;) Post your entries now! This giveaway runs in two weeks; I will draw the winner via and will announce it here on 15 August 2011.

Good luck, everyone! Have a rockin' August! ;)

For more details about Banana Peel and their products, visit their official website or check out their YouTube channel

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  1. Hi, where can I get this and have it ship here in the US?


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