Stylebreak presents: Lines and Drapes

12 June 2011

If you have been a reader of my blog long enough, you might remember the post I made back in January when I was still looking for a dress to wear to our Annual Party. Before finally coming up with my outfit, I had a hard time deciding because the all black-theme of the party disagreed with the color of the dress I wanted to wear initially, which was purple. I wanted to wear this dress at first. Just look how sexy it looks at the back. Pure glam, yes? Alas, it was not to be so I didn't buy the dress anymore. I ended up wearing a Black Swan-inspired outfit and I felt perfect. I still think of that dress sometimes though, and if only I have an occasion to wear it to anytime soon then I would gladly buy it.

The sexy purple dress is from Stylebreak, and now that they've released a new collection I am seriously thinking of breaking another self-imposed shopping ban yet again. Spearheaded by top fashion blogger Laureen Uy and Katrina Loring, Stylebreak specializes on clothes you don't normally see in malls and RTW shops. This is great news for people who don't want to wear the same clothes as everybody else ;)

Their newest collection is called Lines and Drapes composed of rouged dresses, draped skirts, sheer tops, and color-blocking skirts. Just take a look at these:

Black sheer top
Pink/ black skirt
Black detailed dress
Lavender rouged dress
Blue & gray dress
Black leotard
Baby pink & green skirt
Brown ruffled sheer top
Orange drape skirt
View the collection and the prices here.

You can order online, or you can also visit the Stylebreak branch nearest you. Mine is the one in The Ramp, TriNoma. Who knows, maybe I'll even bump into you when I go there to see these clothes personally ;)

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