A Piece of Me... in June 2011

13 June 2011

Call it signs of aging or whatever, but I totally forgot to do an A Piece of Me post for May 2011 :( This makes me sad as I have never failed to write one ever since I started doing it in December 2009. Also, it is already Monday today, when it should be written every first Sunday of the month :(

Oh well. Regrets schmegrets. Here's my A Piece of Me entry.


This month,

I like that we at HSBC-HDPP will have our Annual Family Day/ Employee Appreciation Day at Enchanted Kingdom on the 19th! The last time I was there was two years ago, with my family and someone I used to care for. Visits to theme parks are always fun, so I'm sure this one is going to be a blast!

I don't like that I am being tempted to go on another shopping spree yet again. There'll be valid reasons, of course. I've gotten rid of most of clothes because I'm trying to revamp my wardrobe and stock up on some more "mature" clothes. No more teeny-bopper outfits, I hope. I also would like to get a new outfit for our Family Day (see above), if my budget allows it. AND! I need a pretty dress for Kym's wedding reception here in Manila ♥ I am so excited to meet her! I bought a pretty fascinator when I went hat-shopping last week, and I think I've already found a pretty dress to go with it. I'm just waiting to see whether I can find something better ♥  

I want you to know how thankful I am for the support you've been showing me and Ana for our new site Fashion Compass. It has always been our dream, and you gotta admit it's always nice to see other people's dreams being realized :) We're currently having a giveaway, so if you are a resident of the Philippines and you would want to win some pretty accessories, head on to this page and join! ♥ 

I've planned so many things for June, and it seriously makes me want to bubble all over with excitement! I will blog about them as I go along :)

I want to say to someone special I will never be too busy when it comes to my friends, but sometimes my body also wants me to slow down a bit. I am sorry I didn't have much energy left when you invited me the other day, I will not let that happen again. Gotta stock up on more vitamins :) I love you and see you soon!

EDIT: I stand corrected. The last time we were in EK was actually last year, not two years ago x____x

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