21 June 2011

One of the things I love most about my friends is that aside from being great company during fun times, they can also offer the most introspective subjects in conversations and lull times.

Last Friday at Greenbelt, after a fun and energetic Videoke night at Timezone, my friends Mich, Dewi, Ed and I lounged at Seattle's Best - people-watching and collectively wondering about our perennial singlehood. The topic unwittingly became our other friend Khel who seems to find love very easily. If it was so easy for him to meet people and make a connection with them, why is it so hard for the rest of us? Then Ed said he has already deduced that it must be Khel's gift - the gift of finding love so easily. He then added that not all of us are blessed with everything we want; we are blessed with one specific special something, it's just how we use it that makes the difference.

We then talked about what we think our own gifts were. Ed said that for him, it is the gift of building great relationships (not exactly in the romantic sense of the word) in that he has never been involved in so-so friendships with fair-weather friends. Mich said she has the gift of making it easy for other people to loosen up and share personal stories with her, even when she doesn't try to coax it from them. Meanwhile, Dewi has the gift of having a commanding presence and voice, in that everyone stops what they're doing and looks at her whenever she walks into a room. I know her personally, and it is really hard not to notice her in a crowd - not only because of her outfits but because of this powerful aura she exudes.

As for me, I couldn't really decide what my gift is so they all gave suggestions. Ed came the closest though when he said I have the gift of appreciation and gratitude. He said I have the capacity to stay positive even in the most trying situations, and that I have the ability to find beauty in the unlikeliest places.

I suppose he's right.

Today I'm going to add another gift I have been blessed with. Whenever I'm sad, someone always goes out of his/ her way just to cheer me up. I have been feeling glum at work because of some things I shouldn't be sad about any more, but my two friends Mich and Jonas instantly made me feel better.

I'm going through some sad stuff in my life right now, so I'm looking forward to harnessing the power of these gifts; I need them now more than ever.

What do you think is YOUR gift and how do you use it?

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