Coca-Cola and WWF urge us to Live Positively

27 June 2011

One event I regret not being able to attend is the unveiling of Coca-Cola Philippines and World Wildlife Fund's billboard in EDSA. Now before you say, "What? Surely there's nothing exciting about seeing a humongous piece of advertisement in Manila's busiest highway?", let me advise you that this billboard is actually the first of its kind in that it is actually made of, wait for it, PLANTS.

I wasn't able to go because my request for a half-day shift was not approved. The billboard was launched last Thursday, and I was invited by my friend Ed who also invited me to the Sebago event later in the day which I was able to attend. Even though I wasn't able to come I still wanted to share it with you guys because I really think it is very interesting and commendable. I'm sure it will go down in history as an iconic structure to represent the long-standing partnership between Coca-Cola and WWF to make a positive difference in the environment.

Some facts:
  • The partnership spans across two areas of Coca-Cola Philippines' Live Positively sustainability program: Water Stewardship (to conserve critical watersheds in the country) and Climate Protection (challenging individuals, companies and organizations to go "Beyond the Hour" in this year's Earth Hour).
  • The 60x60 plant billboard located along Northbound EDSA-Forbes utilizes a thriving species of Fukien tea plant which absorbs air pollutants. Cool huh? According to botanist Anthony Gao, each plant can absorb up to 13 pounds of carbon dioxide in a year, absorbing an estimated whopping 48,600 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere! Wow!
  • Recyclable materials were used for the over-all makeup of the billboard. 3,600 pots were used, recycling old bottles of Coca-Cola products. These bottles were filled with a potting mixture made up of a stable and lightweight formulation of a combination of industrial by-products and organic fertilizers. The bottles were also specially designed to contain the plants securely and allow them to grow sideways, while adding holes to allow drainage and hold the drip lines in place.
  • Trickle or micro-irrigation - a drip irrigation system - was specially installed for efficient water distribution that saves water and fertilizer. The system is operated on a schedule to give plants what they need (water and nutrients) when they need it. Amazing.

With all the eco-friendly mechanism it employs and the relevant advocacy it stands for, this innovative advertising is a salient reminder for everyone to take an active hand in protecting and saving the environment. A big congratulatory hug to the big minds and hearts behind this project!

I hope I am not being too preachy here, but the world will be a much better place for all of us if only we are more conscious of taking care of our environment. Collective effort does wonders, and it is never too late to do our part. Let us all be the positive change we want to see in the world ;)

Photo taken by Frank Ruaya
For more information about Coca-Cola Philippines and WWF, please visit their websites: and

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