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31 May 2011

Last Wednesday I went to SM Makati with my friend Mich to attend the Oldest Timex Exhibit and Launching of Jessy Mendiola and Joseph Marco as the new Timex endorsers.
World-renowned watch-makers and global icon, Timex recently brought to life the Timex Originals, an exciting new collection that features vintage designs inspired by Timex products throughout the decades, as well as modern updates to classics still in the line today. The line celebrates the brand's 156 years of watch-making experience; an homage to its heritage of authenticity.
Coinciding the launch of this new set of superior quality watches last January, Timex initiated a massive country-wide hunt-down for the oldest Timex watch. The brand raised a $1,000 reward up for grabs for anyone in possession of an authentic Timex watch with working, intact and complete parts. After a month of searching, the shortlist of 20 entries with an original Timex, alive and ticking, were finally bared.
An 1894 Waterbury pocket watch owned by Armando Paez won the Top Prize
Awarding and photo-op with winner Armando Paez, Timex general manager Avinash Uttamchandani, representatives from SM, and new Timex endorsers Joseph Marco and Jessy Mendiola
Aside from the cash prize, Mr. Paez (and the rest of the 20 finalists) also received a Timex Modern Originals Camper, a watch inspired by a men's military watch first launched by Timex in 1918. This new version is oversized and has convenient features like an INDIGLO night-light and an interchangeable, slip-through nylon strap.
Mr. Paez was given his Waterbury Pocket Watch (also known as the watch that made the dollar famous) by his father as a college graduation gift. The watch actually originally came from his grandfather who bequeathed it to his father. Amazing, right?

Aside from being entertained by a roving juggler and a magician performing card tricks (there was an awkward moment when I thought he offered "hard drinks" LOL!), Timex made sure the guests didn't go hungry by giving us food stubs for NYFD.

Chicken poppers, sandwich and soda
Loved dipping my fries on the barbecue dip :)
Orange snow cone :)
After the awarding of winners, Joseph and Jessy hosted a mini-game that was similar to the format of The Price is Right. I was surprised when my name was called as one of the participants; my friend Ed included my name! Too bad my team didn't win, the winners were very lucky as they were given Timex watches as prizes!

On the other hand, we were given Timex bags ;D
Joseph and Jessy also presented a short AVP that showed the evolution of Timex watches. Being a trivia-geek, I was very interested to see how the iconic brand developed throughout the years and how their designs adapted to the needs of the people from different eras.

 Some photos from the shoot Joseph and Jessy did for Timex:

True sportser. Joseph wearing a trendy timewear from the Timex Modern Originals Sport Styles.
Come one, Camo. Joseph wearing a strikingly rugged watch from the Timex Expedition Camo Collection.
Jewel goddess. Jessy wearing a stylish Timex piece with a neutral cream strap and rose gold accents with candlelight white dial adorned with genuine Swarovski crystals.
Summer stylista. Jessy wearing the Timex Modern Originals Easy Reader, the brand's most iconic wristwatch made bigger and more stunning with a range of new colors.
Timex's new ambassadors.
Gorgeous photos, yeah? I admittedly don't wear a watch but if asked what my Timex choice pick is, it would have to be a watch from the Women's Timex SL Series Automatics.

Mich and me with Jessy and Joseph :)
Thank you for inviting us, Ed! :)
I got such a kick from wearing my Media pass.
I am thankful I get to practice what I studied in college during events like this ♥
So do you have a Timex watch? Better save it because who knows, in a couple of hundred years you (or your descendants) might be able to win $1,000 (or even more, depending on the inflation LOL) like Mr. Paez ;)

Go to Timex's website for more information. Timex Originals are distributed by Newtrends International Corporation.

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