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08 May 2011

Today is a beautiful day, even with the gloomy rainy weather.

First of all, I want to greet all the mothers all around the world a Happy Mother's Day! ♥ I love you Mama. You are such a wonderful, amazing, incredible person and mother to us. I can only hope to be half as great as you are when it's my turn to become a mom ♥

Also, congratulations to our very own Manny Pacquiao for bringing pride to our country yet again! I think it's awesome that he has reached great heights in his boxing career already yet he still remains humble and rooted to the ground. This is Pinoy pride at its finest!

Thanks to everyone for leaving messages of support in my previous post about getting mugged last Wednesday morning. It's one of the most harrowing experiences I've gone through but I felt so much better faster. I was traumatized, yes, and I am now more scared of commuting especially when I am alone, but I am just thankful I was not hurt. We got a visit from the police and we were told they already have some suspects and that they will just update us, but until now we haven't received any calls yet. I have lost any hope of getting my stuff back.

If there's one thing I learned from having my bag snatched last year, it's the fact that material things can be replaced. The other day I went to TriNoma with my good friend Michelle and I bought myself replacements for my things that were stolen: a new "everyday" bag, a pressed powder, haircomb, and a new lipstick. Whilst my allotted budget cannot accommodate a new MAC lipstick (to replace my favorite Girl About Town that was the bag) at the moment, I rewarded myself for sticking to my shopping list by getting a new Maybelline lipstick. I guess I can get a new tube of my fave lipstick shade again using my Rustan's giftcards later this month :)

My new "everyday" bag I got from Tomato :)
It's so roomy, it's the perfect size, plus it has an extra strap so I can use it as a sling bag!
I also love the color  :)
I have already received most of my replacement debit and credit cards (special mention to RCBC Bankard who delivered my replacement card the SAME day I cancelled it! Exceptionally fast service!) save for my HSBC debit card and company ID. As for a camera, well, I have made the difficult decision to not buy a new camera yet. So yeah, I will attend a bloggers' event, the shows at the Philippine Fashion Week, and our Pahiyas weekend camera-less. I know it won't be the same without my Lady Mirabou. She has been such an important "tool of the trade" and has been an automatic extension of this blog. I miss her already. Anyone willing to sponsor a new point-and-shoot digital camera for me? Kidding! Not really.

On the other hand, I am having waaaay too much fun with my new phone Sheldon. I have downloaded so many apps already! Just last Thursday I downloaded 97 eBooks(!!!!!!) for my Kindle for Android app. I am now halfway through Neil Gaiman's American Gods. I need a spare battery or two, and an inexpensive data plan! Calling Globe Telecom, can you also think of special data plans for Android phones like your BB Social for BlackBerry? Please?

Okay, I meant for the first two paragraphs as an introduction for a different post but the topic took an altogether different turn already heh. Will probably publish a couple more posts today; I have so many things I want to say! For everyone who joined A Krissyfied Giveaway, you're probably frustrated already because I haven't drawn the winners until now. Sorry about that. I promise to post the winners tomorrow! You know, start the week right and all ♥

Be safe, everyone!

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