Winners of A Krissyfied Giveaway!

09 May 2011

After a little delay (plus the fact I cannot create a new post earlier because of some issues with Blogspot. Thanks Mike for the tip!), I finally present to you the winners of A Krissyfied Giveaway!

But first of all, I would like to thank everyone who joined! The messages you left on why you love reading my blog all warmed my heart ♥ If only I could send prizes to everyone, you know I would! To be honest, I never really expected this level of support I've been receiving from the blogosphere. I started this blog for it to serve as my online diary, but now that I have reached a lot of people, most of which have become my real-life friends, well that's just all kinds of amazing.

Earlier today I wrote down the names of all 33 people who joined in little strips of pink Post-Its, folded them, then put them in this clear plastic container. It was soooo exciting! I wished everyone good luck, gave the container a few shakes, then drew the names one by one :) I kept a running commentary on Twitter, if you'd like to read it :)

The winners:

Customized ANAGON piece = Nikolett
A notebook from Little Tiara Shoppe = Gracie
Two plushies from Robots in Trouble = Stephenie
A Herro Hachi shirt worth $25 = Megann
A template worth $15 = Mimai
A Krissyfied Surprise gift = Dianne

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS! I will email you after I publish this post so we can discuss how you can get your prize ♥

This has been so much fun, I wish I have the budget to do this every month ;D

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