From Switchfoot to Sheldon

Last night I let a rare opportunity to watch Switchfoot: Live in Manila pass. I have had tickets since the first week of April, but failed to muster enough energy and enthusiasm to see it in the days leading to the concert. I feel like I'm chest-deep with to do-lists right now, and it's important to prioritize.

Still, as I said in my previous post, it is important to learn to kick back your shoes and relax every once in a while.

So last night, instead of watching the concert, I went to Greenbelt to see my friends from college so we can discuss our plans for our upcoming trip to Quezon for the Pahiyas festival! :)

Before we went to our favorite hang-out place (McDonald's, Greenbelt), Ed, Karlo and I went to The Hive in Glorietta so I can buy a new phone.

Goodbye Aristotle, hello Sheldon!
I finally decided on buying a Samsung Galaxy Ace after going back and forth over which to choose between an iPod Touch or a BlackBerry. In the end I chose neither ^^, I named him Sheldon, after Jim Parsons' character Sheldon Cooper in the US TV show The Big Bang Theory ^^,

My first Android phone :)
This is purely for vanity purposes, but one thing I really love about my new phone is that the package contains two back covers - one white and one black. Today I used the white one, then bought a new pouch, screen protector and jelly case :)
I'm still getting the hang of navigating the Android system, but I've already managed to sync him to my computer. Please wait for a more comprehensive review about my new gadget soon!

My friends Dewi, Myk, Karlo and Ed
Aside from my new phone and hilarious stories accompanied with calorie-laden food we shared last night, my favorite part of yesterday was finally finding and getting my own copy of Harry Potter Film Wizardry! Lord knows how I've looked for it! I even wanted to request a special pre-order from Powerbooks for a copy even though I would have to wait for 5 weeks! I already said "yes, yes, yes!!!" to the pre-order, only to be notified that this title is not available for special requests. Well, after buying my phone, my friends and I passed by Bibliarch, and there it was! A copy displayed on the window!!! I literally shouted "Ohmygosh!" then ran to the store, leaving my friends behind x_x After paying for it, I called Ed and apologized for leaving them, but he said he understands how excited I was ^_^

At P1,799, it is the most expensive book I own.
I can't wait to show you photos of the contents! :)

A Krissyfied Giveaway has ended. THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO JOINED! I was supposed to draw the winners today but because one of the prizes is not yet ready I've decided to move the draw to this Friday. Thank you for your patience, I am also super excited to see who the winners will be!

Have a great week ahead, everyone!

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