See you all next week!

10 May 2011

This week is going to be so hectic for me. Tomorrow after work, Ana and I will attend a bloggers' event sponsored by a beauty/ skincare brand which I'm pretty much excited about, then I will go to my good friend Mich's birthday celebration (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELLE!!!!). On Thursday my friend Dewi and I will attend Forever21's show at the Philippine Fashion Week, after which we will head to Metro Concert Bar to support our classmate in college and friend JV who will produce a concert featuring VFort with the special participation of Nyoy Volante. On Friday I will attend Oxygen's show at the Philippine Fashion Week plus after-party. Then, on Saturday and Sunday will be my Pahiyas weekend with my fabulous friends! I declined a couple more invites, just because it's impossible to fit them in my schedule any more. It just sucks I won't have a camera to lug at these events x_x I don't know when I will be able to update this blog again. I don't even know how I am going to last the week with enough energy. I need vitamins!

Photo taken last week. Notice that I'm still using my fave brown sling bag that was stolen here :(
Inserted here just because I have no other image to put and I didn't want this post to be "bare".
I have quite a number of posts I would like to share but I guess they can all wait for now. Future posts include my review of the Samsung Galaxy Ace, review of Harry Potter and Film Wizardry, a couple of book reviews, how yummy KFC Halo-halo Krushers is, and Bloggers United.

Don't miss me too much, mmmkay?

PS: A Krissyfied Giveaway was so much fun that I said in my previous post that it would be great to hold another giveaway again. Guess what, a local brand emailed me to say they would want to host a giveaway in my blog! So exciting! Please stay tuned for that ;)

PPS: I would also like to greet my beloved friend Mae a Happy Birthday today! As I told her earlier, I wish her all the happiness and pretty cakes in the world, but she should also leave some for me :)

Be safe, everyone!

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