My Pahiyas weekend

21 May 2011

After the fun night-out my friends and I had last week, we met up early the next morning for our Pahiyas weekend. It was a helluva tiring way of spending my weekend, especially since I had to be at work at 5AM of Monday morning, but I didn't care. Times spent with my fabulous friends are always fun times, and it's always great to create new memories and travel experiences with them ♥

After a long and tiring journey, we finally reached our destination. We spent the weekend at Myk's house in Luisiana, Laguna which is only about a half-hour away from Lucban, Quezon where the Pahiyas festival is celebrated. Here are some photos:

On the roofdeck of Myk's house. Behind me is a picturesque view of Mt. Banahaw.
We walked around the plaza after dinner.
When we returned to the house I was already too sleepy to muster enough energy to even talk so I slept already, but the rest of my friends were able to go with Myk's cousin and his visitors to get a first-hand experience of seeing Lucban's kiping-bedecked houses at night.

I wish I was in this photo with them :(
Ed, NiƱa, Myk, Dewi, Allan and Khel
The next day, we woke up early again, prepared for another long day of exploring.

We sure did a lot of walking.
First we went to Dalitiwan Resort in Majayjay to swim (at least they did. I had my period that day x_x) in the clear waters of the stream.

Just look at that, so beautiful!
The water's so cold and fresh, just looking at the photos again makes me jealous I wasn't able to go swimming x_x
I still managed to pose for photos, though! ^^,
This photo never fails to crack me up whenever I see it :D
Myk and Ed as my guardian angel and devil. You decide which is which ;)
After swimming and a quick shower (and a gazillion more photos), we went to Lucban for my first visit there! :)
A lot of waiting for the jeepney that will bring us to Lucban, that is :)
And then we finally reached Lucban!

I don't really know how to describe it. All I know is that it was an explosion of colors and happy sounds! There were a LOT of people, but no one was complaining even when the heat got a little bit too much. It was a very happy festival, indeed!

This house decorated with kiping, vegetables and suman won the first prize!
They got P65,000!
Fried kiping sprinkled with sugar :)
Now, because my camera was stolen, I wasn't able to take lots of photos (photos here are from Dewi and Myk). If you want to see awesome photos from this year's Pahiyas festival, check out this post by my friend Mimai :)

We almost got stranded because we left Myk's house at 9PM. It turned out that there were no buses going the Manila route 24 hours a day.

Tired travellers in Jollibee at 12MN.
I reached my apartment at 2:30AM. I didn't actually want to go to sleep any more since I needed to wake up at 3:30AM anyway but I figured a little shut-eye wouldn't hurt. I was jolted back to reality when my phone started ringing at 5:16AM; it was my friend Michelle, asking me where I was! I was late for my 5AM shift! After a very quick shower I bolted to work. I was late for an hour but (I think) everything was forgiven when I handed out meringue and otap from Lucban to my officemates ;D

I can't believe summer is almost over! Before it bids a final goodbye though, I have a special giveaway prepared for you :) Watch out for that in one of my future posts!

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