Converse Block Party!

31 May 2011

I have admitted here several times already that I am probably the least sporty person you would ever meet. I disliked our Physical Education classes and was terrified of playing volleyball my whole elementary and high school life. I declined participating in physical games and preferred to sit and watch instead.

I avoided sports like the plague before, but, eight years after I graduated from high school, maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all. Besides, how could I possibly refuse an invite from such an iconic brand?

That's right, I couldn't! That's why last rainy Sunday morning, I asked my friend Mae to go with me to the Converse Block Party - held at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall - which promised "summer's last big blast with games, music and dance!"

A block party, like the Fourth of July Block Parties in the US, is more than just a street party. It's about community members rediscovering and relating to one another in unity and mutual understanding. From this unity, we discover the power of friendship and camaraderie so that we can act as one community for our benefit. Essentially, we are tapping into the same spirit of bayanihan that Filipino communities of old mobilized to help one another.  
When families and individuals stay at home, they are all separated from each other by their respective domiciles. When they gather outside in the streets, this separation disappears and they go a step closer to uniting as a community. The Converse Block Party wants to dissolve the barriers that separate us and help us find the qualities that make us one community.
Activities of the day included street games, basketball, skateboard, and dance exhibitions, musical performances by local acts like Callalily and Gloc9, photobooths, and a 3D movie. Here are some photos:

You can't go wrong with Converse.
Can you guess which one's my favorite? :)
Aside from enjoying the treats and activities being offered at the block party, I am also glad I got to spend time again with my friends :)

Jam (thanks again for inviting us, Jam!), Ana, and Mae

Jam's co-organizer Jason :)

Hat-sisters ;D
I loved this photo of myself and Ana taken by Mae...
So I "copied" the technique for the photo I took of them ;p
Posing for photos is fun!
Hat - YRYS | Top - Penshoppe | Shorts - Tutuban Centermall
Pewter flats - Tutuban Centermall | Bag - Tomato
Photo from Mae
Too bad we weren't able to watch the rest of the program as we had to leave early. I didn't even see Ava and the others. I'm sure it was fun!

Mae and I had a blast at the photobooth ;p
And yayyy, thank you Converse for the tracksuit bottoms!
Seriously, seeing all the fun the rest of the attendees were having inspired me to get a little bit more physical. So... my officemates and I have decided to hit the gym starting next week! Yayyy! And it's not even a desperate attempt to lose weight as I am perennially underweight already. I just want to be able to climb a flight of stairs without having the need to catch my breath ;) Thank you Converse for inspiring me to be more healthy!

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