Baby Nat's Hello Kitty Party

08 May 2011

Yesterday I went to Adrienne Nathalie's birthday party held at the Shantung Restaurant in West Avenue, Quezon City. Camille and I were invited by Nat's mom Joyce. Would you believe that Joyce, Camille and I have been friends for more than seven years now, yet it was the first time I saw them in person? We met through Seventeen Sigaw, the online message-board of the now defunct Seventeen Philippines. I love my Sigaw sisters! Even though we used to talk online only, we knew a great deal about one another; we practically grew up together! It was great how easily our online friendship has transformed to the real thing ♥

Mommy and baby ♥
If I could have the chance to celebrate my first birthday all over again, I would choose to celebrate it the same way that Baby Nat did! ♥ Some snaps taken from yesterday's party using my phone. I had a little too much fun with the FxCamera app hehe.

Hello Kitty cupcake tower
Colorful balloons! Loved the balloon show where the "balloon artist" made lots of intricate and complex designs like ballerina, Nemo (complete with seaweeds and bubbles!), purse, and Thomas the Tank!
Egg soup
Chinese food yummm!
Mocha cupcake with choco-filling ♥
Pretty Joyce
Pretty Camille and her boyfriend John
Pen with topper made of  polymer clay
I won this in the Name that Tune game when I guessed the Harry Potter theme right ^^,
Hello Kitty plushies as souvenirs ♥
Sigaw sisters ♥
It was great to finally meet you in person, Joyce and Camille! As for the rest of our Seventeen Sigaw sisters, WE REALLY SHOULD SET A GET-TOGETHER SOON! Please, it's about time we all meet again ;)

As for Baby Nat, I wish you a good life filled with laughter, pretty shoes, and great girl friends ♥

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