I'm going to the Candy Fair!

23 September 2009

Candy Fair '09 is here! And I am definitely going! :D

It is an annual event brought to us by Summit Media and Candy Magazine. What can you expect? Well, there are lots of activities, games, programs, booths (very much like what school fairs had eg. marriage booth, jail booth etc.), Candy Cuties (but the majority will be too young for me anyway meh), live bands, teen celeb sightings, FREEBIES, and lotsa fun! And this being a fair mainly for the target market of Candy mag expect lots of screaming high school girls LOL. Oh, there will be lots of stuff for sale too since a bazaar will be held as well! My friend Ana will have a stall full of pretty stuff so if you're going please make sure to drop by. :)

There is no admission fee! You just have to bring your copy of the Candy Cuties mini mag found in Candy's September 2009 issue.

I already have mine since early this month:

my ticket to the fair :)

This year's fair will be held this Saturday, September 26 at the Mega Tent Events in Meralco Avenue, Pasig City.

Now you might be wondering what a 23 years young girl like me is doing sticking her pink paws on an event like this. Let me tell you that Candy magazine has paved the way for me to know what I really want to do. Mia Fausto (now Mia Fausto-Cruz), the mag's editor-in-chief when I was still in high school, is my hero. I have always looked forward to her monthly Ed's letter and agreed with everything she said. She has inspired me to become a writer and made me want to also reach out to other girls and be their voice. This is waaay cheesy but it's true. I have long since moved on to Seventeen Philippines (of which she also became EIC before it was cancelled) and Cosmopolitan Philippines but I still have my old (plastic-covered!) Candy mags and read them when I'm feeling a bit nostalgic. The articles on my old issues still never fail to make me agree and smile :)

my old Candy magazines are the ones lined up (in ascending order!) on the right
That's 6 years worth of my teenage period right there

Now let's go back to talking about the fair :) I had so much fun at the fair last year with my Seventeen Sigaw sisters Jasmine, Jazzy, and Alice. Yannie also came with her friends.It was actually our first time to meet in person after talking on threads on the message board for years! :D

Some photos from last year's:

Yannie, Alice, Jasmine, Jazzy and Krissy

that's me buying stuff from Ana's stall :)

that's a LOT of teenage girls!

I'm a Candy cover girl!
One of the sponsors did this for free :D

I would want to post pics of me being hugged by gorgeous Candy Cuties but I looked too awkward in them. I am not used to being touched by people I don't know haha!

I will see my Seventeen Sigaw sisters there again! Hopefully Ed can come as well ;) I am inviting my Sinister Sisters, if you can read this, hey you should come! And everyone who reads this blog, this fair will be AWESOME! I wouldn't miss it if I were you ;)

My outfit has been prepared, my "ticket's" ready. Can you tell that I am so excited?! I am practically bursting with pink-colored bubbles of excitement teehee! Just 2 more days! Can't wait!

Because I may be too old to worry about puppy loves and read "100 Guy Secrets You Must Know" or "How to Tell if He's Perfect for You" but I will always be a Candy girl.

Click here for more details about the fair :)



  1. I collected Candy mag also before.. I just hop to 17 when I reached 17 years old haha! well, I really love Candy it really helps me a lot

  2. Love this blog! It made me more excited for the event. HAHAHA :)

    I've been collecting Candy and 17 also when I was in HS but I stick
    to 17 nung college na :)

  3. Wow two graces graced my page! :D

    @ gracie: Yeah, Candy definitely has been an indispensable help for us through that awkward adolescent stage :D

    @ GRACE: Thank you sis! :) Sad lang talaga we don't have Seventeen anymore no?

  4. Have lots of fun there! Let's see if you can really keep up with that no-spending thing! Post anyway if you do buy anything! Haha. :)


  5. dear,, i thought you were way younger.. magkasing tanda pala tayo... hihi (ergo, i look and feel old)..nice event.. :D this looks so fun

  6. Haven't been to one of the Candy Fairs. I miss reading those magazines. And a huge WOW! to your collection!

  7. You must post the photo of you and the cuties! haha

  8. @ Rej: Thank you! Ulp, good thing we're not on a bet, I think I would lose big time :D I am so excited to get the dresses I ordered from Ana!

    @ donnarence: I do not agree that you look old! You are a very pretty and sophisticated lady :) And yeah, this is a fun event, I can't wait! :D

    @ Nina: You should go! Bring some friends as well to make it more fun! Regarding my magazines, that's just a small portion of my collection. My room's swamped with books and magazines :D

    @ Meream: On Saturday I'll make sure I'll do my share of the hugging, I promise I'll try hard not to look awkward, and then I can post photos with the cuties haha! :D


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