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22 October 2010

Thank you for all your comments in my previous post. It is comforting to know that I am not the only one who feels that way when the weather is gloomy. The rain continues to pour down like crazy outside as I write this, but there's nothing a cup of hot chocolate and a thick blanket can't fix, right? I do hope the weather gets a lot better in time for our trip next week, though!

My friends and I have been doing little shopping trips in the last couple of days to prepare for our trip to Singapore (which will be this Monday already!). I have been anticipating this mini holiday since June but now that it's almost here I can't believe how I still have a like a ton of things to accomplish! My friends and I hold "meetings" all the time to discuss our itinerary which seems to change everyday hee. Imagine discussing an October trip everyday from the month of May LOL! Our "meetings" always turn into laughtrips though so we don't really end up discussing anything serious. If anything, it just makes the trip even more exciting!

Anyway, Marsha and I went bargain-shopping in Tutuban Centermall last Wednesday, and I am so happy with my purchases!

Oh bargain shopping, how I love you!
(Sorry for the crappy photo, I took this with my phone on low-light, with no flash.)
I got a pair of pewter-colored ballet flats, three basic tanks (one nude racerback, one white button-down ribbed, and one black with silver studs), a pair of black couture shorts, a white chain-link quilted purse, and my absolute favorite, a gorgeous(!) gray striped blazer! I actually saw the blazer when we went there a couple of weeks ago but I was on a shopping ban then. Good thing the shop still had stocks when I came back! I really love how it fits me, it's perfection-in-a-blazer, I tell ya! The best part? Everything cost me only P1,275 (approx $29)! 

When I was laying them on the bed for the quintessential group photo, I noticed that they were all in "serious" neutral colors, much like the items I got from the thrift shop in this post. What ever happened to my love for loud, bright colors? I guess Marsha is right when she told me that a person's tastes really change through time.  Maybe this is still a phase I'm going through again. Or maybe, I will forever love bright and happy colors, just not so much on my clothes?

I can't wait to wear these! It may sound superficial, but yeah, pretty clothes and shoes make me happy, especially when I got them at such great prices. :)

Oops, I also got a gray cap from Jellybean and a pretty necklace from The Black Sheep yesterday.

I hope you all have a great weekend (despite the rain)! As for me, I'll be lost and buried in a flurry of Outfit Maps, itineraries, "meetings", and luggages ;D

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