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I'm singing, I'm going to Singapore!

Sorry for the cheesy blog title >.<

This is just a quick blog post to say I have just finished packing my luggage and I'm all set for our trip tomorrow :) I still have to go to work in the morning though, and then we'll have to be at the airport at around 6PM for our 8:30PM flight.

I'm so excited I'm exhaling bubbles LOL. Our itinerary includes a quick visit to Malaysia (sucks that I won't see you there Ejann x_x), a whole day visit to Sentosa, and seeing my good friend from college Genily and my awesome blogfriend Nashe (by the way, I'm still working how I can deliver Jake Cuenca to you ;D)

I was too busy earlier that I wasn't able to take photos of the stuff I packed so I will just describe it the best way I can: it was like a battlefield with clothes as casualty XD But I promise I was able to sort and organize everything after. :) And because I don't want to publish this post without an accompanying photo, I will just leave you all with a cute photo of myself *ehem*

I will bring my netbook Lady Fabrize (who incidentally turns one year old today ♥) so I hope I can squeeze in some quick blog posts while there. But if I won't be able to, expect my Facebook and Twitter to be updated regularly. (Hee I feel like such a celebrity :D)

Don't miss me too much, mmkay? 

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