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Preparing the Singapore Outfit Map + an early Christmas wish

My friends/ officemates and I only have exactly a week before The Great Singapore Trip and we're already starting to get jitters! Of course, we're very excited, but at the back of our minds we're also a bit worried, mainly because we hope the pocket money we'll be bringing will be enough to cover all expenses. I am a bit worried as well; I haven't exactly been able to stick to my saving plan, you know. 

Today, we sat down on it and discussed the places we'll be going to. Marsha lived there for a few years before while it'll be my second time to visit the country so we gave the others a fair idea on what to expect. During the meeting, only one thought was going through my mind: the clothes I will pack!

Packing is quite easy for me. Yes, my room is named Serenity in Chaos and I am one of those people who thrive in a "disorganized" environment. Buuut, I sure do know how to pack my stuff. Not necessarily pack light as I still do bring some stuff that are for outrageous "just in case" moments, but anywhere I go I make sure I maximize my luggage's potentials ;) For one thing, I prepare an Outfit Map every time I go on a trip (or even a slumber party). I always have lots of fun making one. I can show you The Great Singapore Trip Outfit Map once I finished it.

For this specific trip I decided to not bring jeans and other bulky outfits anymore. This trip will see me wearing a lot of dresses and skirts, and I am so excited as I've always been a girly girl when it comes to dressing up. :)

Let me share with you some of the items I will bring:

White lace dress
So feminine and romantic, I can see myself wearing this while walking through Botanical Gardens
Cream lace full-skirt with black lining
This is sooo pretty, a love at first sight!
Chocolate brown ankle-length skirt with beaded details
Would you believe that I paid only P240 (approx $5.33) for all these? I got them from a thrift shop last night, and I swear these are probably my favorite thrift finds. Expect to see them on me when I post photos from the trip :)


This post should've ended there, but can I just say how frustrating it is to go to a mall with a self-imposed shopping ban? Earlier today I went to SM North EDSA with Mich and her best friend Jonas to unwind and while away the time. I saw lots of pretty stuff (like that cap at Jellybean that I am sure was made for me) and was so tempted to get at least one (that cap, yes please), but my friends were quick to remind me that I really, really need to save money.

Also, I got to play with Jonas' new 32gb iPod Touch. It is a pretty nifty gadget and now I want one! Christmas is coming (and with that, a hefty bonus yay!) so I am now deciding what to get for myself (as a reward for working hard the whole year lol). I've already decided on two things I would want to do with the money (which will stay as a secret for the meantime ;)) and of course I would want to get special gifts for my friends and family, but now I kinda want to get an iPod Touch, too x_x Maybe Santa can get me an iPod Touch so I would not have to spend for it? ;D

My big face enjoying the iPod Touch while its owner looks on, amused at my 138 streaks at Tap Tap.
Now they joke that I am really a gamer since I mastered the game very easily hee. Hey, did I ever tell you about that one time I fell off a Dance Dance Revolution gamepad at a mall's arcade? That was the very last time I played it in public... No? Okay, then I guess that'll remain a secret :D

PS: On the other hand, I also want a Kindle... Yikes! At the rate this wishlist is going, it'll be longer than my total height doubled before December even arrives XD

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