A Piece of Me... in October 2010

12 October 2010

This post is so late! I was supposed to post this last Sunday but I was invited by my good friend/ officemate Mich to go with her to her bestfriend Jonas' Family Day. I had no other plans and I didn't want to let my 10.10.10 go to waste in front of my netbook so of course I went with them. :)

Photos from Convergys Commonwealth Family Fair '10 held at the Sky Dome, SM North EDSA.

Letters i and r fell off LOL!
Sorry, I get a kick out of stuff like this XD
Big and colorful balloons | Inflatable playgrounds | Food from Chef d'Angelo, popcorn, cotton candy, and ice scramble | Face painting and henna tattoo booths | Magicians, street performers, and a professional ventriloquist
This is the closest I can get to a fairy tattoo as the henna artists didn't have fairies in the catalogue. 
We were supposed to have only one shot at the photobooth but thanks to Jonas we got another one! Yay! Photobooths are ALWAYS fun!
My future house will have a Photobooth. Fact.
Props from the Photobooth. I wanted to take this home.
Or this one. I wonder where I can buy my own cow-hat?
Mich, Jonas and me before and after the event ;D
Gray striped dress = thrifted | Gray cardigan = thrifted | Purple slim belt = YRYS | Purple chainlink purse = 168 | Purple ballet flats = Tomato
It was a fun day! Thank you Mich and Jonas for inviting me ♥♥

Back to my original post.

This month...

I like that our trip to Singapore happens THIS MONTH! I am going to meet with my blogfriend Nashe there. My classmate from college/ good friend Genily, who is based there, also made plans for us; she already booked us a trip to the Singapore Zoo! I've already been to Singapore but my trip there was already five years ago and I know lots of things have already changed. Oh gosh, there are only thirteen days to go, can't wait!

I don't like that Forever21 will hold a BIG sale on October 15 - 17 but I cannot go as I am on a self-imposed shopping ban which did not stop me from getting two dresses from Tutuban Centermall when my officemates and I went there last Saturday. But hey, getting just two dresses on a trip to the shopping mecca? Believe me when I say that *that* is a shopping ban.Besides, those are completely necessary as I would be wearing one of them to an event I will go to tomorrow night, while the other I will wear in Singapore. ^_^ 

I want you to know that I've been feeling physically drained and emotionally exhausted lately that yesterday all I wanted to do was lie in my bed and have a good, long cry. No specific reason for the tears, I just felt like doing it to clear my mind and heart. I tweeted about it and received sweet responses from friends. My good friend and classmate from college Dewi also sent me an MMS of a GLEE shirt she's going to give me. Referring to this week's How I Met Your Mother Season 6 Episode 4: Subway Wars episode, I really needed a win. And it came not in the form of material things, but in knowing I am appreciated by my friends. Also, the kindness of friends who I haven't even met personally. Thank you Rick :)

I've planned to have another shoot with my photographer friends this coming Saturday. Dewi will be our main model. Theme: Cosmopolitan. This is going to be fierce as the woman was not called Lady Godiva in college for nothing! ;D

I want to say to someone special, to the people who will be with me in Singapore: Marsha, Mich, Frank, Mae, Mitch and Joewel, I am so excited to share the memories of this trip with you guys! Thanks also to my manager, TL Carlo, for making the necessary arrangements for my Vacation Leaves :)

That's it! I hope we all have a blast this October!

This is a game thought up by the Toothfairy so we can all share a bit of ourselves to our readers by completing a set of unfinished sentences every first Sunday of the month.

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