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09 July 2010

In a previous post I have told you guys that my direct superior, TL Jimmy, has decided to transfer to another department. If you're thinking that it's our fault that he is transferring, please don't XD Main reason why he's leaving us is because he has been in the same department ever since he started with HSBC and that was already almost five years ago. In his words, he needs a new environment, new challenges, and a change of pace. In a way, I must say I envy him for he was brave enough to step out of his comfort zone and rock the boat, so to speak, while I am still here, collecting courage badges. Last Wednesday, we had our last teambuilding with him at the still-being-renovated room at the fourth floor of Marsha's house.

There's the guy before the drinks were consumed

He was actually the third TL who has handled me in a team as I have been transfered from other teams twice before but he's the one who has managed me the longest. Also, my tranchemates have been with him ever since they started on the operations floor three years ago so when you say my teammates' names, it is already synonymous to Team Jimmy. Indeed, it is hard to imagine Team Jimmy to go by another name :(

He was more than a team leader. He was a friend, a confidante, and a protector. A toughie with a sweet side. Not once did he make us feel that we are mere subordinates and he always have our backs ready to offer words of encouragement or a corny joke, whichever we need when we need them. I think what I will remember the most is when he was consoling me when I broke down at the office, he quoted the lines "What I am today is because of the decisions I made three years ago, and what I will be in the future is because of the decisions I will make today." It definitely forces you to really think things through before deciding, doesn't it? His new work schedule clashes with ours so we may not see him for a long, long time even if we would still be working in the same company. It is sad, yes, but that's life. We need to say goodbye to a few and continue on meeting new ones. But then again, goodbyes do not necessarily mean forever, right?

Besides, how can he forget us when we're some of the best people he has handled ever ever ever?

And I'm sorry but I just have to say that this is one of my favorite photos of myself :D

Oops, after one too many drinks XD

I will spare you the other photos because they are mostly stolen snappies of people drinking and joking, but I assure you it was definitely a fun night, albeit one tinged with melancholy. And yeah, I was able to go to work the next day even after feeling so buzzed up the night before :D

I wish you luck in love and in life. Goodbye TL Jimmy, 'til we meet again.

Oh boy, TL Carlo surely has some big shoes to fill. But of course, we won't make the job harder for him. ;)

*The title of this post is a line by Nickel Creek's song This Side. I was singing it at the office one day and he was pleasantly surprised that I know the song as it was not that popular before. Oh yeah, MTV-generation kid here. :) 

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