July's Pretty Little Things

27 July 2010

July was such a colorful month for me!

This month I got a haircut, got free Coke-FIFA glasses, got over a heartbreak, got toys, and received a surprise in the mail from a dear friend. Aside from those, I loved July for a lot of other different reasons, most notable of which are:

I saw it on the first day of this month, and I swear it made me cry buckets. I have been meaning to write a review but I never found the time to sit down and just do it. Such a beautiful, heartwarming movie. Very funny, too! You all know how I fell in love with the Aliens from Pizza Planet in this post :D Also, I am decorating our team's bulletin board at the office and the design was inspired by this movie :)
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt
I love you.

He caught my fancy in 10 Things I Hate About You and stole my heart in (500) Days of Summer, but he totally swept me off my feet in Inception. Have you guys seen it? Please make sure you do if you haven't yet. It will blow you away! Joseph is so amazing it hurts. I was soooo happy when I read my Film professor's  tweet that Joseph is now being considered by Christopher Nolan to play the part of The Riddler in his third installment of the Batman franchise to be released on 2012. My favorite superhero plus one of my favorite directors plus one of my super favorite actors? I am so excited my heart aches! My fingers are typing as fast as they can as my mouth almost froths with excitement (eew?)

Okay Krissy, calm down. Breathe in, breathe out. Slowly now, calm down.


So, as I was saying, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is freaking amazing.

PS: Another reason why Inception is awesome is because it let me see the trailers of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader on the big screen. Oh cinema cinema, how I love you!
  • Seeing one friend slowly but surely make her dreams come true

Kym is such a genuinely nice neenja girl so it is very easy to be happy for her success. This month saw her launch herrohachi's website (with the help of Nikolett, of course!). I wish you all the best, Kym! And belated happy birthday again! :)
  • Good food shared with good friends
Crispy breaded pork chop lauriat

Pork chao fan

Buchi and Tofu

Shared a good and very heavy meal at Chow King with Mich while I was waiting for Jerome. Good times!
  • Meeting up with my best friend Jerome
22 July 2010
Starbucks, TriNoma

I really should get graded lenses fitted for these raspberry frames

Yesterday was his and his twin brother Jonas' 24th birthday. Happy birthday again to my favorite twins! :D
  • New shoes!
Got it at The Landmark. So pretty!

I have been in need of a good pair of shoes I can wear to work and saw it first when I was with Mich. It is not the style I usually go for, but thought it was cute. I tried it on and it was super comfortable! I wanted to buy it then and there but I thought the price was much higher than what I normally shell out for footwear so I opted to look around for another pair, to no avail. When Mich went home and I was already with Jerome, I asked him whether we can look for it again. I managed to find it, tried it on again, and thought it was too pretty to pass up. Besides, with its neutral color and style, I can wear it with anything: skirts, shorts or dresses. Value for money ;)

Wore it with one of my favorite dresses last Monday :)
I'm on Level 8 (first among all my Facebook friends who also play, btw) and I haven't got much money yet so forgive the mis-matched furniture LOL

I discovered a new game in Facebook and it is so cute! This even has a better interface than Baking Life. You may notice that I named my cafe Eat Pray Love. :) I swear, more than half the time I spend on the social networking site is spent checking on my restaurant, pet, nightclub, cafe and frontier :D
  • TL Carlo
Everyone, meet TL Carlo!

He is our new line manager as TL Jimmy has already transfered to another department. He is very nice! If you have read this post, he was the one who made the Whale Done card for me. We are also of the same age. Cool, huh? He likes music and piercings. :)
  • A fun photoshoot with friends
The photo at the beginning of this post was taken and edited by my friend Mae. We - together with my close friends/ teammates Watcher and Mich - had a shoot last Sunday at the UP Diliman grounds and it was so much fun! It was raining but nothing or nobody could stop us :D I even went home to my parents' last Saturday just to get the dress I wore. :) I will show the rest of the photos on my next post, for the meantime I am leaving you with a cute photo of us three girls.

 Mae, me and Mich
Fun times! :)

BTW, pretty Georgina is holding a birthday giveaway that ends on 31 July 2010! Click here to join ;)

So that rounds up my list. August is almost here, that means I will finally get to meet Meream! I hope August will be kind to me. And I know it will! The Eat, Pray, Love movie will be shown next month and I've already made plans with my soul sister Ana to see it! :)

I hope you all have a lovely month ahead!

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