A bag-gy affair

07 July 2010

I'm in the mood for a light-hearted post today so let's do a little Show-and-Tell! :D

This is related to the question Jessica left on my Formspring account:
Hi Krissy! Surprise, surprise! :) As for my question, if your bag can only carry three things: what would they be? :)
Lemme see. Hmm, I think I can do with face powder, lipstick and my camera. Of course I can just put my money and phone in my pockets, right? Right? =D

Random Fact number 1: Wherever I go, I have to have a bag with me. Always. I can never carry my stuff in just my pockets. Add to that the fact that I am almost always wearing skirts or dresses that don't have pockets. Aside from the essentials (e.g. money, umbrella [it's the rainy season in the Philippines, yo], pens) I lug around too much stuff that I am absolutely certain I would need if I left them at home because Murphy's Law works that way, you know? And that is the reason why I bring 3 different headbands, 2 different necklaces and 2 different bracelets with me all the time.

And yeah, I have seen this tag going around the blogosphere that I might be the last one to do it (I believe Mel tagged me to do this post ages ago, long before I took a five-month hiatus from Blogger). Here are the things I always bring with me:

More than anything else, this picture made me realize I really, really like pink XD

1. Hello Kitty coin purse. I actually got that one just a week ago. Ever since the unfortunate robbing incident I still haven't had the heart to buy a new wallet.
2. Lady Mirabou - my point-and-shoot digital camera (a purple Casio Exilim EX Z330)  in its pretty floral case.
3. Hand lotion for emergency dry skin moments and a body spritz. Scent of the moment is Penshoppe's Tropicana. I looove its fruity-floral scent!
4. Pens.
5. Notepad. I got mine personalized by PostScript Designs
6. Makeup kit.
7. Alexandra - my Nokia 2220.
8. A pack of Kleenex.
9. Company ID.
10. Flash Drive.
11. Scrunchies for emergency bad hair days.

Not included in the photo is my umbrella. :)

And btw. here is Lady Mirabou. I took a photo of her in the mirror just because I thought it was too cute that she matches the color of my nails :D

Random Fact number 2: I love bags! Aside from being very convenient, I love how a bag (or a purse, if you  may) can jazz up an otherwise boring outfit. They can also add the final touches on the look you are trying to achieve. Here are some of my favorite bags, photos taken set against the back of my bedroom door:

Left: the Marilyn Monroe-looking girl reads Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass
Right: Aubrey Hepburn is one of the most beautiful faces in the history of films. Fact.

Left: yellow quilted bag
Right: a lady waiting by the stairs

Left: mini Oreo tarp bag
Middle: Le Sportsac bag with cute bow
Right: faux snake-skin bag

Left: photo is a bit blurry but that is a pretty wood nymph drawing
Middle: rust orange sling bag I bought in Singapore
Right: gray-orange Jag Jeans bag I won from a Candy magazine giveaway five years(?) ago

Left: hot pink faux croc-skin bag from my officemate/ good friend Marsha
 Right: a white leather Marithe Francoise Girbaud bag which was Dane's Christmas gift for me

That's all for now! Got any questions/ messages/ what-have-you's for me? Ask Krissy or post in the comments! :D

PS: Blogspot had some issues on the Comments yesterday and some of the comments were not appearing. I have actually been wanting to try Disqus for some time now so I tried to install it last night. Now I'm asking, which do you prefer? Should I continue using Disqus or should I switch back to the regular way of posting comments? Let me know, thanks! ;)

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