All in a Day's Work

03 July 2010

I have been having a not-so-good time at the office for the last couple of weeks. I have been under a lot of stress brought about by different factors - pressure to meet (and exceed, if possible) my metrics, pressure to save up enough money for my trip on October at the same time making sure there is enough money to spend, having to change managers as our current team leader will be transferring to another department, and a host of other things occupying my mind. Really, as much as the smallest things can make me happy, I also make myself sick with worry over the most trivial things. Add to that some not-so-good experiences with customers and you've got a timebomb just raring to explode. I can totally relate to Kym's post about sometimes feeling as if you're carrying the world on your shoulders. Sometimes Most of the time the thought of succumbing to stress sounds like a very tempting idea.

Sometimes I ask myself why I am still here and why I am robbing myself of the chance to go after what I really want.

Sometimes I just want to give up.

But God is good and He manifests His goodness in the simplest of things.

Because sometimes, when we feel like ready to give up, we get something like this:

We call this a whale-done card :)
These are given to CSRs as a form of appreciation for any good deed done

It reads:
That compliment call was absolutely amazing! Keep it up. I look forward to having more compliment calls from you!
Carlo Ü
TL Carlo will be our new supervisor effective on the 12th of July as TL Jimmy has decided to transfer to another department. It's sad of course, but it is a well-accepted fact that not everyone you meet will be with you for as long as you want them to.

The reason for this simple token is because of a customer who was very impressed with the (in his words) "personalized and professional" service I have provided him so he asked to speak to someone else (in this case, the higher ups) about this. Thus, the compliment call.

It may seem very small, but for us who at times get calls from people who think they are of better species, hearing kind praises like what the aforementioned customer gushed about me is very much appreciated.

I don't want to sound too much of a downer (as I feel like I've been pestering you with my whines more frequently, sorry about that) but I just want to tell you what happened to me last Monday. After one too many "difficult" customers, I broke down to TL Jimmy and told him how I don't want my job anymore. I sobbed and sobbed, it's quite embarrassing really, now that I think of it. But at that moment I didn't care. I just felt so unhappy. TL Jimmy did a good job in counseling me, providing comfort, and by just being there to listen. Then, I thought of telling my teammates that I resigned effective immediately just to gauge their reactions, and never have I felt more special to them than in that moment. My closest friend at the office, Mich, even teared up. I felt kinda mean doing that prank, but I just feel thankful that these fine people love me dearly and will miss my presence when I'm gone.


  1. the working world doesn't sound so fun. we were all born to play. at least, that's what we've been doing ever since we were little kids. and forcing ourselves to work is a no no. but you gotta do what you gotta do.

    and i'm pretty sure that you're a hard worker. the paper shows it all :]

  2. Such compliments always make one feel good. I know. I was a CSR once and one compliment can boost your confidence.

    Chin up love. All's good. ;p

  3. unexpected compliments like that always cheer me up, somewhat. esp at times i really need them. good job that you get this kind of compliments. it only shows that you're really good at your job, you know.

  4. You deserve all the compliments, Kristel. You're so incredibly nice and I think in real you must be 10 times cuter and nicer. I wish I could meet you. Maybe one day. I hope you'll be fine, Krissy. Keep your head high, we all love you here :)

  5. Nakakaloka minsan life noh? ahhaha! but at the same time, there is SO much to be happy about. We're blessed with many people around us who sincerely love and care about us like your co-workers! Isn't it great when you get appreciated at work? I remember when i worked in the Hotel industry and everytime a guest would leave a comment card about me, it would just totally make my day! :)

    Btw Krissy - i hate to break the surprise but i sent you something about 2 months ago... have you gotten anything? :(

  6. Awww Krissy. Virtual hugs. Sorry about all the stuff going on with your right now. There will be days like that but I know you'll manage to surface above it. Hang in there Krissy. Wishing you more happy times

  7. Most people are so quick to complain for no reason and very slow to offer a well deserved compliment. That makes customer service mostly a thankless job. Try to focus on the positive and let the nasty people's words pass through you into the air. Miserable people like making others miserable. Plz don't let them pull you down with them--you're too sweet for that! =)

    PS - The verification word is "workee". What are the odds of that??? =)

  8. I love you Tetel!
    ...kung san ka magiging happy dun ako! =)

  9. Hang tight, sweetie, and don't give up. We get those days sometimes but remember you will always get by. Although, sometimes you leave something to move on to something that will transform you to a better person. I just had a conversation with my friend from Cebu yesterday and we talked about the good old days when we were working together and I realized, that although I was heartbroken at the time I was leaving, other opportunities opened up for me because of that.

    Keep shining!

  10. Oh I remember making my TL cry when I submitted my resignation letter. She told me to leave her alone for a bit; she never talked to me the whole day. What I'm saying is that was not a nice prank you did. :p

    Hope you're feeling better now. :)


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