Third week of July

19 July 2010

Wow, I feel like I've been away for so long. Missed me? ;D

July 14, 2010 is the most boring day of my life. Because of Typhoon Basyang, electricity went dead at 2 AM (just after I have propped myself up to a comfortable position in my bed, preparing to read a book as I cannot sleep) and did not come back again for 19 hours. I woke up in the morning dismayed that power's still not back on but kept on hoping the problem will be fixed soon. After 12 hours of no electricity = no Internet I lost all hope and tried to find other ways to amuse myself. Good thing the weather was cold and rainy; heat plus brownout would have been unbearable. I rifled through my old stuff and managed to find my old notebooks, organized my closet, sorted my rather sizeable collection of undies, and slept half the day away but still, I knew I HAVE to have my Internet fix but felt frustrated because I can't do anything about it. At exactly 9:42 PM, power came back on and I swear, it was as if heaven has opened! I will never take electricity for granted again! :D

This week saw me shuttling to different places after work and I couldn't have been happier that I have a 5 AM - 2 PM schedule, giving me plenty of time to do other stuff.

Thursday. I went to TriNoma with Mich and her Mom and Dad for a little bit of grocery shopping at Landmark. We saw Miss Shalani - the President's girlfriend - but wasn't able to take a photo.

Friday. I went with Mich to SM North EDSA just because, and got myself this:

One of the Aliens from Pizza Planet as seen in the Toy Story movies

Isn't he the cutest? Three weeks after watching the Toy Story 3 movie and I still can't get over how cute they are! It's a good thing I am not pregnant lest my child turns out to look like those aliens XD

Saturday. I attended my officemate Niño's son Iñigo's birthday party with my other officemates.

wore this :)

Marsha, Mich, Frank and me

kids in costumes participating in the program hosted by clowns :D

Dane and me with birthday boy Iñigo

And guess who got a surprise?

Dane got me this :)

Green pudgy faces, so cuuuute!! :D

Sunday. Saw Inception with Mich and was blown away by genius personified that is Christopher Nolan! I swear, you have to watch it! It was smart, complex, and fascinating! Bucket-loads of awesome, I'd watch the movie again in a heartbeat (the cinema experience is soooo worth it!) Plus, you can't go wrong with the ensemble cast. Leonardo DiCaprio is gorgeousss, but I ♥ Joseph Gordon-Levitt. :) Mr. Nolan certainly does not disappoint. Now I'm having a hard time choosing my favorite Nolan movie if made to pick between The Dark Knight and Inception. My fervent wish is to make a movie with Christopher Nolan, even serving him his coffee will be an honor for me! :)

High five-ing Mr. Potato Head :D

Greenwich after the movie, with my favorite Chicken a la King Baked Rice Melt :)

I just realized Mich and I have been together all week. Well, single girls have to look out for each other, right? :D I hope you are having a rocking week! :)

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