20 July 2010

Whoah, 143 followers? To think that I started with one and I even convinced my former housemate Asther to make a Blogger account as well just so I can have an additional follower LOL! I remember two of my first followers Mel and Andhari whom I met through 20sb, and then it all ballooned from there. Awesome! Thank you all so much for liking my blog enough to click on that Follow button. Big virtual bear hugs all around! :)

As you can see, I mostly blog about personal things. This is more like an interactive diary for me more than anything else. Everything - from the layout to the widgets to the style of writing - screams Krissy all over. I really inject my personality on my blogging style and my real-life friends can vouch for that. The reason why I am saying this is because someone told me I should blog about more serious topics (more like a investigative journalism-style of blog) or maybe adopt Jessica Zafra's style of writing. Whilst I admire Miss Zafra (she's one of my favorite authors and her blog's link is found on my right sidebar under i have favorite blogs) for her wit and sarcasm, I don't think I would want to copy the way she writes. Aaand blogging about political news and the like won't be much fun for me. So love or hate my blog, I will continue to write in it, krissyfied-style. :)

And with all of your lovely comments (plus heartwarming emails), I cannot help but think that I must be doing something right. :)

Let's keep on writing beautiful stories, shall we?

*Photo is of my pretty bracelet from Get Holly . The heart charm is made of polymer clay. :)

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