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19 May 2010

Hello everyone! Did you all notice anything new? Uh huh, that's right, I've had a blog makeover! I have decided to make it look more minimalist and clutter-free so I deleted most of the widgets. I have noticed the page loads faster and it looks easier on the eyes. I hope you all like the change. :)

I was in a phone conversation with Dewi - one of my friends from college - last week when she commented how all these bad things are happening to me when all I wanted was to make 2010 the best year evarrr. If you haven't read my previous post, allow me to quote myself. I wrote that "my world was most recently thrown into chaos by a series of unfortunate events (ie. a heartbreakmoving out from the apartment I have grown to love, and being robbed)." Add to that the skin allergy I had and you've got a winner for Best Loser for the First Half of the Year. Seriously, these bad stuff has got to stop. I am summoning all the positive, good vibes to come help me, please pretty please.

Anyway, I am not that upset anymore about getting robbed. Aside from the fact that I feel... incomplete when commuting as I have become dependent on my mp3 player to accompany me everywhere and that I feel like I am missing out on lots of interesting stuff to show you guys now that I don't have a camera to snappity snap, I feel okay and more accepting about it now. I guess I can't really expect the world to be made of just rainbows and smiles and lullabies. I mean, there's a reason why Batman and Iron Man were created, obviously. I reported the details to the police last Saturday. I don't think the perpetrators will be caught though. How many people will match the descriptions 30-ish man. Yep, that's right.

As my Twin Kay (yeah, she started calling me Twin ever since we found out we have the same birthdays - April 6) said, maybe this is the Universe's unconventional way of telling me it is time for something new. And I hope it doesn't mean new stuff as my room here at my parents' home is still crammed full of my stuff waiting to be unpacked ever since I moved out of my apartment. My room is small as it is without having all these boxes and bags lying around. I didn't realize how many clothes and shoes and books and bags I have until I packed them. Good thing I left my DVDs at Asther's new apartment and some of my books at Mich's. (Good luck with packing, Ejannz babe!) Kay is on to something here. If I want things to be changed, I have to change things.

I've been doing lots of journaling these days, just tapping into that stream of consciousness and letting the words flow. It's very therapeutic, really. And very cheap as well, as opposed to retail therapy. Which reminds me, I vow NOT to buy any new clothes, shoes or bags until I am holding in my hands a new digital camera.

Going back to my blog, you may notice that I've added new pages. Now you can find an About me page, a Blog awards page, a Contact me page, and a Dear Krissy page. Title of this post alludes to the fact the little OC in me felt compelled to arrange them alphabetically XD Feel free to visit these, and I would greatly appreciate it if you leave a note on the Dear Krissy page :)

Tomorrow is another work week for me. I am trying so hard to remain positive and happy. Thank you everyone for all your kind words, they are all appreciated and I am sending you big virtual hugs!

Just remember: if the world didn't suck, then we'd all fall off.

*Photo is of a pretty floral dress I bought from The Closet Queen last month. It has the same style as the dress I wore on my last day as a 23-years young lady, but with a different print. No reason why I posted it except for the fact I may wear it some time this week and also because I haven't had the chance to take new snaps yet owing to the fact my camera was *boo hoo* stolen.


  1. krissy that dress is sooo pretty! I love how flowery it is! :D and because the world is still round and life keeps on turning and you've got series of unfortunate events, I believe gooooooood things will come to you ASAP! Be ready for them! :D haha!

    and I love the new layout! YAY!

  2. that's the attitude young lady! i really need to take things off my chest but i cant really talk about it in my blog cuz of its audience. :( howwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :'(

    i miss you, bebe.

  3. The new layout is looking great. Love the minimalist look. I will definitely look up the new added pages.

    And your friend is right. You need to be willing to change yourself and then you'll move forward. Wish you all the best in everything you undertake! ;p

  4. Awww Twin.. thanks for the sweet shoutout!

    I'm pretty positive that everything will turn out all right for you. I am excited to hear about the new "things" that are gonna come your way soon.. :)

    Keep your moving forward and remember that we're always here for u.. :)

  5. That is such a pretty dress Krissy! So so so pretty. Know what sweetie, there is always a rainbow after the rain. So I'm sure something really good is coming along the way.

  6. everything's gonna be alright girl =)

  7. sorry it happened and you had to go through all that.i won't even say how traumatic it was.

    It's good that you're picking up the pieces and getting everything back together again, krissy. you go, girl!

    oh, and i love the blog's new look. so fresh! :-)

  8. That's a great attitude Krissy. We can't control what other people do, but we can make the best of what happens and prepare ourselves to make tomorrow better. Kay is right, the universe is nudging you towards something great.

    PS - Your profile pic in the upper right hand corner--Wow! =)

  9. Krissy, I'm so happy to see that you're getting better. I love the new layout, so clean, so fresh, so Krissilicious :) Keep smiling and enjoy good times with your twin sister :)

  10. I love the new layout. I'm a big fan of clean and simple designs... it's more pleasing to the eyes. xoxo

  11. Love the attitude and love the new layout. :)

    And the fabric of that dress is to-die-for. :)

  12. @ Tiara: Oh goody, I am soooo ready for them! :D

    @ Ejannz: I hope there's any way I can help. Go on, make a secret blog, or email me :)

    @ Johanna Hill: Thank you so much! :)

    @ Kay: Thank you Twin! The first "new" thing I will have is a camera next week! :)

    @ Mel: Thank you, I am excited for that rainbow to come :)

    @ Jing: I hope so :)

    @ Sonia: Thank you! :)

    @ Rick: I am really excited to see what's in store for me :) Aww thank you! :)

    @ Nino: Thank you, glad you liked it! :)

    @ Leah: Yes, I noticed it in your own blog's layout, too :)

    @ Meream: Thank you :) I am excited to wear that dress on Monday :)

  13. Love the new layout, my dear. Easier navigation, yet still cute and very nice to read. Love the fonts!:)

  14. When the dress picture loaded it only loaded the top part..and I thought it was a bag of crayons. Don't even ask. :0


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