Keep calm and let's go to the mall

05 May 2010

What better way to shoo away bad vibes than by shopping? One of the things I absolutely love doing is shopping, and I surely ended my April and started my May right by going to the mall after work from Friday to Sunday :)

Also, it is too hot and humid here in Manila that the malls are a big welcome reprieve from the heat.

Right. As if I need any reason to justify shopping. :D


Mich, me and Sasha at Black Sheep's fitting room

My shirt says "Young, Fabulous and Broke" :D


this is me waiting for my footspa

Apreal and Mich

me trying to look cute :D

SM North EDSA has a Safari Park in the Sky Garden which featured animatronic animals. There were lots of them but these were my favorites:

Mommy and Baby Elephant

Jungle cats! Lions, tigers and cheetahs

We also did a lot of eating! Photos of the following are from my favorite, Bigoli.

Pork Piccata with Italian Rice


Italian Chicken - my favorite!

Spaghetti Bolognese

Double Chocolate Gelato - super yummy!

After going around SM North we went to TriNoma which is just right across the street because I was looking for the perfect trilby hat.

Krissy and Mich on the overpass

So, what did I get?

ze perfect zebra-print chainlink bag from NafNaf, a pair of couture shorts, a cute shirt from Black Sheep, a tube of lipstick, and elf Eye Primer and Liner Sealer

ze perfect trilby hat from Bench

I used the zebra-print chainlink bag last Saturday :)

after amassing more than ten shades of pink lipstick, my search for the perfect red lipstick ended when I tried on Maybelline's Color Sensational Lipstick in Blushing Berry

I used the hat, shirt and shorts for yesterday's team building (which deserves a separate blog post)

And just because I think I (especially the bangs) look sex-zay in this photo :D

I am now awaiting for packages from online purchases. Once I receive them, I'll be sending you your present Manju, sorry for the delay x_x

I am a happy girl.

At this rate, do you now understand why I am anxious and worried about packing my stuff when I move apartments?


  1. your is therapeutic,ain't it?

    you know,a while ago i have been debating with myself if i should go to the sale at rustans (actually up until now im still debating!). my brain is telling me not to go, but my heart is saying 'go go go!'


  2. WAH ! Shopping is LOVE! ! ! :D I love everything, the lipstick most especially! :)
    Hope the package arrived na sis! Sent yesterday!!! :) thank you!!!

  3. You werer trying and succeeding! Anyway, that's a great attitude. Thanks to Kym I now own a shirt that says Keep Calm, Move On.

  4. Shopping is so therapeutic. :) I need your Young, Fabulous, and Broke shirt, hehe. Nice buys!

  5. ooo... shopping! Me love do that! :D hahaha...
    and I adore the new bag! So cute! I love the zebra prints on it :D

  6. I'll go shopping in June! Can't wait! Spaghetti Bolognese is my favorite! I can eat that everyday! Hehehe...

    Left you an award. Go grab it! ;p

  7. The photo of you waiting for the foot spa is really gorgeous. And that hat is a killer. Krissy, your photos always brighten up my moments on your bloggy :)

  8. you have no idea how much i am restraining myself from buying more stuff!! fail of the century im telling you cuz last week i bought myself a bloody nintendo DS. pppfffftttt. so GOOD LUCK to both of us for moving.

    i've to agree with nino. the foot spa photo is amazing!

  9. talk about shop until you drop?! ^_^

    but it looks like so much fun!!!

  10. love the zebra clutch! yumm food porn and LOL at your "show me your _______ " shirt!

  11. Krissy!
    We got the goods yesteday. Actually, they arrived last Friday but we were not able to fetch them at my sister's place until late last night. Because we're lazy. Haha

    Making a post soon to thank you. LOVE LOVE LOVE the necklace. :D

    Ohyeah, how do you survive a foot spa? I'm too ticklish. hahaha

  12. Oh no, I used my work account to comment.

    All Women Stalker is Meream.haha

  13. @ Thiamere: It really is! Go girl, listen to what your heart is telling you! :D

    @ Anagon: I got it from my officemate yesterday, I super love everything! Thanks sis! :)

    @ Rick: "Keep Calm, Move On" sounds really nice! :)

    @ Ida: I got that shirt from Greenhills :) Thanks! :)

    @ Tiara: It's so cute, right? I wish I have the perfect red pumps to match :D

    @ Johana: Oh thank you so much for the award! :)

    @ Nino: Aww thanks, you're making me blush :) I'm glad you like my attempts at self-portraits :D

    @ Ejannz: Niiice! I actually also want a DS! If you feel too guilty about buying it then I'd be more than willing to take this load off you :D

    @ Abby: It really was! :D

    @ Pop Champagne: That shirt elicited lots of laughs :D

    @ Meream: I'm glad you loved it! :D Oh yeah, I'm ticklish as well but I'm glad to say I managed just fine :D



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