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11 May 2010

Yesterday, I fulfilled my duty to my country and exercised my right to vote.

on my way home from the office
wearing my five.ten.ten shirt and my handcuff necklace

can you say poster overload?
my heart weeps for the amount of trash this will result to

IMO, good platforms will forward a candidate's campaign, not these posters

Monumento is forever afflicted with traffic jams, but not today

I got inked!
See the indelible ink in my right index finger? :)

My family has already voted earlier in the morning, so my Papa just accompanied me to the polling booths. Unlike other people who waited in line for more than three hours, I cast my vote in less than ten minutes. I am loving this automated election. Sign of progress, indeed!

Results are now being counted, and I am afraid my bet is not going to win. It kinda sucks since I really believe he can bring positive change to the country but it is what the majority has decided. It sucks as well that people who've been in the position for years but haven't done anything led the polls again. Filipinos, haven't you learned anything from the past years we've been in this state? How can our country progress when we keep on giving the position to the same people, over and over again? Yes, I am talking about celebrity-turned-non-competent-politicians. What has one senator done aside from being in the forefront of a big scandal between a sexy starlet and a doctor-with-a-nasty fetish last year? Sigh. I can complain on and on, but I don't think these rants will be heard as some people even told me there's no hope for the Philippines anymore, that's why they did not vote :( I will just do my part as a good Filipino: pay my taxes (and hope it wouldn't just line the pockets of fat, greedy politicians), obey the law, and uphold my love for my nation. I don't want to be complacent and adopt an "It is what it is" attitude. If there's one thing I hope I can do, it is to inspire change in others - even in my own little way.

I cannot think of a good way to segue into this topic so pretend this italicized part is my witty segue. Last night, my best friends from high school and I went into the wake of our Math teacher, Miss Noli Carbonell. She died from a heatstroke. It is amazing how many of her former students turned up. It also feels good that we graduated from high school in 2003 yet our former teachers still remember us. Thank you for tirelessly imparting your knowledge in numbers to us, Teacher Noli. Rest in peace, and may the Lord and Mama Mary welcome you into His loving arms.

you already know Dianne, Third, Niel and Neil
the guy at the back is Ric
we've been friends since second grade! :D

talk about bad skills in photography
the background is a newly-constructed fountain that welcomes people to my city - Navotas

They wanted to drink but because of the Liquor Ban (due to the elections) we cannot find a store selling alcohol. We went to Dianne's house where we talked and exchanged stories until 1am (where I may or may not have fallen asleep :D).

Today a herculean task awaits me: packing. I am here at my parents' house but will be leaving in a while to go to the apartment and sort and pack my stuff. Our lease runs out on Thursday so I have to lug all my stuff until tomorrow. The realization that we will be leaving the apartment where I have lots of precious memories in struck me just yesterday and I burst out crying at the office. It was embarrassing, really.  

a small percentage of my books.
You can see lots of Movie Companions and books about movies, fantasy and mythology. I love those.
Also, Batman is awesome.
Aaaah packing, where do I even begin?

This is one activity I am really not looking forward to. In my future quest to sort through my mountain of stuff, I imagine lots of regrets and realizations like "I shouldn't have bought this and that." (Hmmm, how about a garage sale after I have sorted everything? lol) I would very much prefer to just sit in my lazy backside and surf the Internet for the whole day (I do recognize that it kinda defeats the intent of my patriotic speech at the beginning of this post, I apologize) but a girl's gotta do what a girl-with-too-many-shoes-and-bags-and-clothes-and-books-and-DVDs' gotta do. See you later!


  1. I did not vote but it doesn't mean that I cannot voice out my dismay over the results.


  2. Voted too and knew that my candidate's not going to win. I got the jitters while I was feeding my ballot to the PCOS machine because I'd be really bummed if the machine rendered my votes invalid. I actually had this warm delicious feeling when I saw the Congratulations message. I love that there's Neil Gaiman in those piles of books. I'm trying to go paperless and swearing off real books for now. I didn't even know there'll come a time I'd go paperless. I used to scoff over ebooks. Now I'm a believer!

  3. ooohh...i love your book choices. :-)

    Yeah, I agree with the whole senatorial results thing. it was all hype.

  4. A garage sale is a great idea! Too bad you couldn't have it before you had to move. =)

    Condolences about your teacher.

  5. "I ran a very truthful, straightforward and candid campaign and thought
    we could run on the basis of our platform, track record and
    volunteerism. I would like to congratulate all the winners and pray that
    they serve our country well." - Dick Gordon :)

    I will always say to my family that i will never regret voting for the people though not winnable/did not win! Mas pagsisisihan ko siguro kung hindi sila ang binoto ko :)

    Goodluck sa packing sis! :) Ang hirap ng maraaaaming gamit! Hahah!

  6. Awww... it's great to hear that you voted. Oh and yes, I think all over the Philippines there was major poster overload. It definitely made the streets look dirty.

  7. Same as your shopping dialog... the Filipinos will have the same thoughts after awhile... "I shouldn't have voted for him". Good luck to our country! xoxo

  8. WHOA, definitely poster overload. I'm proud that you voted even if your candidate did not win - better to make a say than to stay quiet, right-o? And I've never heard of a liquor ban because of elections, pretty interesting!

    And right now I wish for nothing more than to come help you pack - and maybe take away some of the stuff from you that you no longer like haha (just kidddding). I really hope the packing goes well, just blast some good music (and make sure to pack whatever's playing that music LAST haha). LOVE YOU!

  9. i bought boxes!!! ahahaha. ready to pack, starting this weekend. hmmmm so many books.... hmmmm. you want one? xD

  10. Krissy, you're a good citizen, because you're concerned. If people just say "it is what it is", nothing changes for the better. I wish Filipinos had your vigor and enthusiasm. Democracy is good, but people need to engage, not only vote for the same people years after years. It's a pity that the Philippines still struggle with so many problems, political, economic, social. I think I'd nominate you, Krissy, to bring some change :) Next time, please go for it, girl. I will write a big post for your campaign :)


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