Chasing the suckiness away and smothering it with cheese and mush of romantic comedies

16 May 2010

Nothing like a good dose of fun with girl friends and a hefty serving of a romantic comedy to shake a girl from a stupor.

Trying to restore order and balance in my world that was most recently thrown into chaos by a series of unfortunate events (ie. a heartbreak, moving out from the apartment I have grown to love, and being robbed), I went to the mall to meet up with my good friend and officemate Mich (who is in a long vacation from work) and Poly (who is a former teammate who got promoted and transfered to another department).

We ate at (where else but my favorite) Bigoli as Poly hasn't tried eating there before. As expected, she loved it :) How I wish I can fly my international blog friends here so I can let you experience my favorite Italian Chicken with rice!

Krissy, Poly and Mich

After eating, we went around the mall and I saw a super pretty wallet at e.g.g. Forgive my pathetic wallet-less existence but ever since my wallet got stolen, I haven't bought a new one yet. Take a peek into my bag and see paper bills and coins scattered around x_x I really wanted to buy it then and there but it was a little too pricey for my taste. I had to practice ultra self-restraint to stop myself from buying it as I am saving up for a new camera as my three-month old digital camera got stolen with my bag x_x Our Family Day will be at the 29th so I really have to have a camera by then. I also saw a pretty headband but nope. Camera first, headband later.

After torturing myself seeing pretty things waiting to be bought but would have to be resisted, we watched a movie. It was a lazy Sunday afternoon so no high-brow philosophical movies, please. We wanted something light and funny, so yeah, we saw a very cheesy Filipino romantic comedy.

umm, forget the garish poster, the movie's actually quite good :)

Yes, Filipino movie producers just looove using popular songs as movie titles. Quite a good tactic, as they have an instant theme song already. Ask my friends, I am actually not a fan of Filipino rom-coms (but my favorite one is Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw) but I felt I wanted to watch this one. It baffles me as well! :D

You to Me are Everything is a no-brainer movie about a rich-turned-poor egotistical boy who changes his life for the better when he meets poor-turned-super duper naive rich girl who has a pet pig named Snowy. For my international readers, the lead actors Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera are a couple in real life and their chemistry just oozes out of the screen and into the viewers. I wouldn't mind some of that chemistry, really. There were lots of LOL moments, and Snowy is just sooo cute! It's no (500) Days of Summer, but I still think it was a nice movie. Plus points for the catchy song! Watching it with Mich and Poly actually made it more enjoyable for me as we laughed at and mimicked some of the super cheesy dialogues we don't really use on normal conversations :D

Sigh. If there's anything rom-coms can do, it is that they can prove I am not a bitterball, even when I don't have a romantic comedy of my own to boast. Sigh. I am excited to fall in love again. :) What is your favorite romantic comedy?

Note: Some people asked how I fell out the jeep. Simple, really. I was surprised when the man suddenly snatched my bag and my first instinct was to try to wrestle it back. Being 86lbs of skin, bones, and awesome, it was too easy for me to be dragged. So yeah, that's how I fell and sustained my injuries. I had my arm checked already though, no broken bones (yay!) except for some swelling and bruises.


  1. lol at people asking how you fell! :D ang gaan mo sis! :D anyway! WOW you watched a Pinoy romcom! Minsan feelgood din ganyan coz --even unintentionally, they give us really good comedy hahahah! ;p
    Pasado bang Igorot si Marian??? :D

  2. i've to admit, sometimes i indulge in watching some local romcom too :P i mean malaysian romcom. pppppffffffffttttttt.

    anyways, you'll get a replacement for your lost wallet soon :) good things happen to good people.

  3. haha.. i gotta say that the first thing came in mind was "wow! I love that guy's name!" i mean, dingdong sounds really playful, no?

    and i'm glad that you're all okay now, good thing will come anytime soonest because that's just how life rotates ;)

  4. I would like spending a day with you--especially if I was down. You have a gift for being positive and having a good time despite problems.

  5. Krissy! i really had a great time yesterday...hahaha! Pardon me I'm such a cheesy fella for I might bring you with me if i watch other cheesy rom-coms. They need my attendance there. Hahahaha! Love love love u!:D

  6. Awwh, glad your friends gave you a nice little pick-me-up, you deserve it! I've watched a lot of Pinoy RomComs thanks to having a bunch of my close friends as Filipinas - that's how I know about Sandara, through "D'Lucky Ones"! And one of my fave romantic comedies ... ahh, so hard. "Serendipity", "27 Dresses" are probably in my top 10, for sure! You take it easy and I hope you get a beautiful replacement camera!

  7. You're a romantic, Krissy, and a positive person. You WILL be happy, please know that :) love you!

  8. How I'd like to try that Italian chicken with rice :P I wanna see pics. And once again, Krissy, wish you a speedy recovery and meeting up with girl friends will help big time, you need to relax, girl :)

  9. Glad that you're okay, next time, don't ever attempt that stuff. Those snatchers are pretty mean people.

    I haven't watched this film yet, the last local movie I watched was Miss You Like Crazy.


  10. There's nothing like great company to lift the spirits. I do hope you are feeling much better now. XoXo

  11. hi krissy! thanks for leaving some love on my blog and following. OMG you got dragged by a snatcher! im glad you're fine and in one piece!

    hehe. im not a fan of tagalog rom com titles, they really lack creativity. i think they should step it up to make the movies more interesting! :)

    stay happy and positive! xx :)

  12. i'd have to admit, it has been ages since i last went to the movies kse wala ko kasama e.. and i'm not a fan of local films as well. para saken nothing beats Adam Sandler Rom Coms hahahah the Wedding SInger and 50 1st dates... ahahayyyyyy!!!

  13. I loved Reality Bites! :-) It was a fun movie...had a great soundtrack too :-)


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