A Piece of Me... in May 2010

02 May 2010

Trivia from Meream: Did you know that April is Stress Awareness Month? Maybe that can explain all the twisted things that happened the past month. I hope May brings better things for us all! :D

This month...

I like that we will have our annual Family Day on the 29th! HSBC's Family Days are ALWAYS a lot of fun! It is a special event wherein employees can bring family and friends for them to see what it's like to work for HSBC. The day is filled with different programs, games, performances, tours around the two buildings, food, photo booths, inflatable playgrounds for the kids, and fireworks display and a concert by local bands in the evening. In 2008 the theme was Family Fun Camp where my favorite local band Parokya ni Edgar (their vocalist Chito Miranda is my biggest crush!!) performed, while Tour Around the World was 2009's theme. Pupil was the guest band :) We don't know the theme of this year's event yet, I'm pretty excited! :)

I don't like that I would have to leave my present apartment in less than two weeks. Our lease will run out on the 13th and my housemate decided not to renew as she would be living with her brother. I am left with no housemate and no place to live :( For the meantime I have the option to move back to my parents' house or to my officemate and very good friend Sasha. Sasha said she will move in with me in June so now I am scouting for an apartment for us. Do you know how hard it is to find a decent and not-so-expensive apartment in Quezon City? Ugh. Wish me luck. I am going to need LOTS of it.

I want you to know that the main reason why I am anxious and worried about moving is the problem of packing. Do you know how much stuff I have accumulated in my less than two years of independence? You have no idea. 

I've planned to take on a new hobby. Any ideas on what hobby I can squeeze in to hours of packing and unpacking - things I am really not looking forward to? :D

I want to say to someone special everyone who commented on my previous post and basically just everyone who has supported me, THANK YOU! You are making this experience a whole lot easier for me! I also appreciate people who were touched and thanked me for writing that piece. That is actually one of my most favorites among everything I have written. More than anything else, shared experiences are the best as they multiply joy and divide sadness :) Thank you for the support and I hope there is any way I can repay your kindness :)

Will posting photos of these hotties do?

Why, hello there Enchong Dee!
made possible by my very good friend, sunshine and serenade-in-a-box Ed

And for my new followers, this is worth a repost:

Hi to you too, Gerald Anderson!
first blogged here, thanks to my friend and Sinister Sister Minnie

I hope we all have an AWESOME May!!

This is a game thought up by the Toothfairy so we can all share a bit of ourselves to our readers by completing a set of unfinished sentences every first Sunday of the month. She is in a very long blogging hiatus but I still want to continue this monthly tradition she has started. If you are reading this Shirley, we miss you! I hope everything's okay with you.


  1. Yey! Posted almost at the same time!! :) Looking forward to a good May sis! :) :)
    Good luck with moving out!

  2. I love this! I want to do a post like this to, so can I play?

    As for hobbies, isn't blogging a pretty time consuming hobby? ;) I also like to paint, go hunting for treasures at flea markets, crafts, and planning! Yup! I'm a nerd!

    Your friends look nice. And no I was not aware that April was stress awareness month.. I feel that every month is an awareness month. And just a week or two ago was infertility awareness week.. This awareness is taking of!!

  3. Haha.. post a photo of your stuffs, I wanna see what you have accumulated. Oh, and Toothfairy messaged me, she says she's fine and happy, but she doesn't know, if she'll blog again, for now she has no inspiration, she says. Well, wish you and her best of luck for this month! :D

  4. I think we're alike--I don't mind the actual moving, it's the packing that drives me crazy. If only someone else could do that part! I hope you don't have to move twice to end up in an apartment with Sasha.

    I probably should not mention this, but you posted the wrong pictures--you said there were going to be hotties, but all I see are guys. I expected to see a picture or two of you! ;P

  5. PS - How can it be time for another "piece of me"? I'm going to be very late this month!

  6. krissy!
    i hope you find an apartment soon! ^_^

    and its nice that you still keep up with the piece of me game. i havent done it in a while.

    well, only last month. i should that right now though.

    anyways.. it's nice to read your blog again! ^_^

  7. Krissy, those guy distracted me... o.o hotties, haha.. their bodies are too big for me, though, but still... they look sweet... (the first guy looks like my junior, though, ha!)

    and it's so sweet of them to make a sign for you (and so sweet of your friends, too)


    They took all my attention... -__-


  8. Ooo, what cuties with those signs! Okay, now back to your entry, what did you write again? LOL Just kidding :)

    Family Day sounds like fun and I'm wishing you TONS and TONS of luck finding an apartment that is suitable and inexpensive for you and your friend! I wish I could help you pack hehe ... as for a hobby ... maybe doodling or writing poetry about packing and unpacking? lol <3

  9. who are those hawties??? uuuuu~~~~

    i pretty much have the exact idea how much stuff you own, cuz i think you & i own the same amount of stuff.

    which is MASSIVE LOADS.


    who are those hawties???

    p.s I miss toothy too :(

  10. Try digiscrapping, dear Krissy! Doesn't take up any physical space and you can spruce up the wonderful photos you have.

  11. @ Anagon: May May bring us lots of good things to be happy about :)

    @ Carina: Yes of course, do join! :) Blogging is indeed time-consuming but I don't mind as I really love doing it :) I'd like other activities as I love learning :D

    @ MKL: Glad to hear Shirley is fine :) Oh yes, I'd definitely take photos of my stuff when I'm already packing them :D

    @ Rick: Oh yes, if only someone else can do the packing bit x_x Me, a hottie? Oh Rick you are so sweet :D

    @ Abby: Thank you! :)

    @ Tiara: I totally understand! :D They're local actors :)

    @ Nikolett: The hotties totally distracted you from my entry LOL :D I'd try doodling, but maybe I can leave the packing part :D

    @ Ejannz: I am imagining us living in one apartment, with our MASSIVE LOADS of stuff. Interesting :D They are local actors, I got my friends to ask them to pose for photos for me :D

    @ Marj: I'd love to try that but I guess I have to get me an external hard drive first, my PC's HDD is already complaining :D

  12. OMG Krissy! Enchong Dee plus Gerald Anderson! Ugh! I'm jealous! Hehehehehe...

  13. Ughh, apartments are stupidly expensive in SG as well. Hope you find a place soon!

  14. may will be a good month! if we make it a good month, that is! :) happy house hunting! i'm sure you'll find the right place at the right time... orrr you could just move here.. just sayin'. haha! ;D mmmm gerald.

  15. New hobby ideas = reading. =P I lurvee reading.

    Sucks that you'll need to move out of your apartment soon and I feel ya on the high rent prices. I live in Vancouver and our housing market is through the roof.. crazy. =(

  16. Love the "Hi, Krissy" pic. Cute guy too. You're special, miss.

    Anyhoo, good luck on the apartment hunt!:)

  17. HOTTIES INDEED!!! ;)

    xo you are tooo pretty!

  18. Hobby? Take up photography. That will unleash more of your creative spirit.

    If the UP area is not far from your place of work, I guess you can find a good and cheap apartment there.

    Have a great day! xoxo


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