{2018} Currently Vol. 20

16 May 2018

On Wednesdays we wear pink.

Except this photo was taken last Friday and I am not in the office today.


We're on Work Anywhere Wednesday and I'm in J's house. He wanted to take me to his team meeting and just bring my laptop with me so I can work there but I refused. It's just too hot outside. I cannot. If I had my way I'll just stay inside the whole day but we're going to When in Manila's screening of Deadpool 2 later thanks to Anj, and who could say no to free movie tickets?

Not me.



Still Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. It's not getting me as hooked as Angels & Demons did but I want to finish this.


Of how I have over-spent. Ugh. I really need to learn how to control my finances.


Okay, I guess.


These are the newest additions to my piles and towers of unread books. I have already written about Legendary Ladies but I have yet to feature An Illustrated Tour of the Night Sky: What We See in the Stars. I have already flipped through the book though and I LOVED it. I am so excited to read it.


Clothes, shoes, and accessories for my factory Neo Blythe, please. I also think she needs a face makeover as it's too glossy. I have yet to name her. Hit me up if you think of a name that suits her!


Exercise, enough number of hours of sleep, and proper diet.


A happy anniversary for J and me next month. ♡

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